67 Mustang Tie Rods - Adjustment question


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Jun 19, 1999
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I'm getting ready to do the Shelby drop on my Stang this coming weekend. I'm also going to replace the strut rod bushings. To prep, I started spraying PB Blaster on the adjustment points. Something odd I noticed is the tie rod adjusters are bottomed out (screwed together) on the driver side and lots of threads hanging out on each end on the passenger side. What gives with that?

I do have an alignment tool that will at least get me close so I can drive it to the shop but I'm concerned I won't have enough adjustment on the tie rod ends to set proper toe in since the drivers side appears to be bottomed out.

Any ideas? Is there a way to recenter the tie rods to allow for a more even adjustment?

This is a 289 car with what looks like relatively newer suspension pieces and stock setup. I bought the car about a month ago as a project car (pics attached) and it feels like the steering isn't adjusted right. Wonders on the road and doesn't return to center. I thought I would do the Shelby drop and re-align the car per DazeCars recommendations. I'd like to upgrade to the Borgeson power steering or even rack and pinion at some point but not in the budget right now.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

This car also has a C4 tranny that is driving me nuts. I hate the RPM's it needs to drive down the highway at 70 mph. It appears to have a 2.80 rear gear. I'd like to upgrade to a T-5 soon but a full kit cost is about 4 grand. Damn. I thought about locating a donor 80's/90's mustang and sourcing parts but wondering if I would just be adding complexity by doing that.

Thanks all!


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will be trying this sex one when I can find it
Mar 5, 2019
Get Steering wheel in center of travel and see if both idler and pitman arms facing forward and parallel to frame rails
Then adjust toe by turning tie rods to get the front of front tire 1/8 inch closer to frame rail than the back of same tire to frame rail.
This will get you close enough to drive alignment shop
An alignment could fix most of steering feeling but old mustangs always seem to feel loose when the steering box is old and original.