67 Mustang - Unflipping Other's Work

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  1. Bought a 67 Mustang about a year ago with a "newly rebuilt 302". Pulled the stick when I bought it and the oil was clean and normal. Radiator level was fine.

    Ran it for a while when I got home. Didn't take it on the road because the brakes were a little too spongy for my riskless self but idled it and played with the carb. Parked it in the garage for about 6 months.

    Needed to work on the garage so I moved it out back. Before I did, I pulled the stick. Oil was the same, no issues.

    Stayed out in the backyard for a winter. Temps, in their extreme here in the Midwest (TX, OK) are 10 degrees on nights for a week at the bottom of winter. May be a few days straight of not above freezing a few times a winter.

    Now I go to move it inside. Radiator is low by a little less than two quarts (something I failed to check to begin with when I first moved it because I was just moving it out back). I fill the radiator and the water is slightly green, no oil or contaminants in it. I check the stick (some funky chinese bling cheapo crap with no marks, pictured below) and there's no oil on it. I add oil, about 3 quarts before I see something on the stick. I'm just moving it inside so I wanted to warm it up before I moved it inside. I warm it up.

    I check the stick again. Oil was barely showing as before, but now its a chocolate milkshake. I turn the engine off and decide to change the oil before I do anything else with it because I don't know where this milkshake crap is coming from suddenly.

    I go the auto store and get a stock stick so I can see where my levels are. The stock stick doesn't fit, too long. I get oil and and filter.

    I pull the plug and filter. I pulled SIXTEEN quarts from that thing before it was dry. SIXTEEN. Holy baby Jesus. I put a new filter on it and a new 5 quarts. Nothing showing on the chinese stick.

    Now this thing is heavily modded, not by me, by the seller's dead son. I think it has a high capacity oil pan on it but it got too dark out back before I could grab measurements. Whole bunch of bolt on stuff. Edelbrock covers, intake, carb, etc etc, and the chinese dipstick to bring milkshakes to the yard.

    So I say all that to say this. I don't know what's going on with her. 4 gallons of half-milkshake, half normal oil? I've heard of freeze plugs popping out but not outright failing. I just don't know what to think of her. What are your thoughts gurus? Thanks.

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  2. it sounds like you have coolant in the oil :ack:.a block can crack internally as well as externally when frozen.so can heads .frozen water / coolant expands causing the block to crack .it doesn't always push out the freeze plugs but if you check them i would bet they are pushed out some. if the block was bored say 40 over it is possible it cracked inside as the cylinders are thinner than the outside of the block and i have seen this before.
  3. Yeah i dont know why freeze plugs are called that but they dont always work. I personally would not rely solely on freeze plugs.