67 Mustang Wont Turn Over

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  1. I have a 67 mustang and I had the straight 6 rebuild and put it back in and put everything together and now I cant get her to start ive replaced the starter the starter relay the ignition the battery the terminals the spark plugs wires distributor alternator and nothing I had a froend start her with a push button starter anyone have any suggestions its an automatic transmission
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  2. does the engine crank, but not start? if so then start by making sure the ignition timing is correct an dnot 180 degrees out.
  3. No it doen not crank
  4. We had it started with a push button tool that a guy hooked up to the battery and the relay I think and it turned over and ran like a charm but we dont get anything if we try to start it at the ignition we have had this problem for 2 weeks and we have checked the relay starter and ignition and just to be save we replaced them and I checked grounds and made sure they were clean and no paint or anything on them and ive made sure every ground was tight I found the neutral safety switch but wasnt sure how to check it but got some help tips for that im going to try today
  5. Three words for you:

    NEUTRAL SAFETY SWITCH and it's related wiring!

    The switch may be bad or simply disconnected. The wires for it go to an approximately 1/2"-3/4" square connector kinda near (or at the same place as) where the the wires come through the firewall to the coil, gauge senders, etc. The wires from it go down (or are supposed to go) to the transmission. Two of the wires are for the neutral safety switch and the other two are for the reverse/backup lights. With this disconnected (or faulty/misadjusted) your car will run and start, with a push button switch or jumper at the solenoid/relay but NOT from the key switch. And by the way, the plug will be square with 2 male and 2 female pins "IF" your car is late 67. If early 67, it will be split up into 2 separate 2 pin connectors. If there is no switch or wires to the trans, you can simply use/make a jumper from male to female of each pair. If you check your backup lights it will be obvious which pair is which. Remember that a switch in the "on" position is the same thing as a straight piece of wire.
  6. After taking the neutral safety switch off and cleaning it I stuck it back on and she started right up thanks for the tips guys you have been very helpful
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