'67 owner in the Deep South

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  1. Bought a '67 coupe two years ago. Bought it in Texas, drove it home to Alabama. Thought I'd use it as a daily driver; that hasn't quite happened but I do drive it a lot. I also drive it pretty hard. Have made many mods in the pursuit of speed and weight savings. Taking it on a trip through the Tennessee/N.Carolina mountains next month. Will try to keep up with an S2000, Z4 and M5.
    Also hope to line it up against my co-workers' M5 and new Challenger at the local dragstrip in Steele soon. Then I want to get it on the road course track at Barber.
    Basically if it's a way to have fun with the car, sign me up.
    Looking forward to sharing and learning a thing or two from my fellow enthusiasts. Cheers.
  2. '67 coupe

    I've always had a special fondness for that year/model, since it was the first 'Stang in our family. Dad drove it for several years, then it went to my brother, who breathed new life into it. and he wishes now he'd never parted with it.