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  1. The oil pressure gauge drops to the L line whenever the car is driving. When you come to a light, it goes back to the middle of the gauge. Is this normal?? What could I check for problems?

    THere are no leaks etc. Engine is in good shape.
  2. no

    stop driving the car. test the gauge. if the gauge is ok you need to check the oil pump and the pump drive rod int the distributor........try a different guage.........if it still happens u may need a new oil punp
  3. get a mechanical.

    peace of mind is a nice thing :D

    its probably the guage, or sender, or wiring...
  4. It would be normal if the car had a Cleveland in it, but any other motor, no. Install a mechanical gauge, also check your oil level.
  5. NO. Your gauge or sender is flawed.
  6. :scratch: Why? Mine does not do that. it reads like normal, about 1/3 at idle and rise with rpm.

    and it reads lower when it is a quart low, kinda like a early warning signal. :lol:
  7. Checked the oil level? Stranger things have been known to cause such problems.
  8. if you actually lost oil pressure there would be signs, ie lifter tap......

    personnaly id look at getting a chepo mechanicle gauge on there for a couple days just so you know what the deal is, both my vehicles have one and i think its a really good idea to have.....
  9. There is plenty of oil. Now correct me here, but wouldn't the gauge be mechanical??(obviously not electric right)

    Also, does anyone recommend a shop in SoCal that deals with these oldies but goodies??? I'm in the valley, and a member of M.O.C.C it that helps.

  10. no, the stock temp and oil gauges are electric....

    the oil pressure sending unit on your car if its a smallblock is on the drivers side of the engine just behind the power steering pump (if so equiped)

    heres a test for you, remove that wire on the sending unit and ground it out with the ignition on, that should peg the gauge and tell you the circuitry is correct and possibly you need a new oil pressure sending unit...

    maybe before you do this let someone confirm that this is a adequite test...

  11. The sender is above the oil filter, and if you check the circut that way only gound it for a short time as not to damage the dash regulator.

    Some times The Half baked guy has it right. :rlaugh:
  12. Pabear---------I musta been dyslexic this morning when I read his post, I got it bass ackwards.
  13. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
    Thats OK, I had to read it twice. :D
  14. I live in the vally too. I use to be a member of the M.O.C.C. and I'd be happy to help you with yer problem. I have a 67 coupe and I had to redo all the dash gague wiring so I know I can help you. If your still having trouble, send me a private message with yer phone number and I'll give you a call.

  15. I own a 67 coupe. It needs a whole lot of T.L.C. It is a major project car. I am currently about to install new floor pans. I have cut the old ones out and have purchased full length pans. Is there anything that i need to know or any hints before undertaking this project? :bang: :bang:
  16. aww 8 month old posts being brought back to life. :D