67 shelby gt500 ORIGINAL parts

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by kingmeirl, Aug 2, 2008.

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  1. My boss has these in the garage and was wondering how much they were worth...

    front grill w/ foglights in center (very rare)
    front grill w/ foglights moved further outside
    front sway bar
    2 cams


    he has other misc. parts that I can't remember from the car, any idea how much these items are worth seperately??
  2. Does no one know?
  3. Can you post any pictures?
  4. I will take some pics tomorrow at work and have them here tomorrow evening
  5. ok, I took pics this afternoon and posted them here: MySpace
  6. What's the log in?
  7. Other than the grill pieces and maybe the carburetor, I don't see anything super special. A lot of Ford parts that were used on Shelby were also used on comet and fair lane too...

    Off to Ebay!
  8. very cool, thats about what I was gathering for my research. I'll put everything on e-bay and see what happens. I think the valve covers and grills will be my best bet. thanks for your imput man!
  9. I think the valve covers are aftermarket. IIRC the valve covers on the GT 500 were not black and said Cobra LeMans on them.
  10. ahh, you're a wealth of knowledge my friend!
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