67 Shelby tail light panel question

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  1. I tried to search, but didn't find the info I needed. What would be involved in changing 67 Mustang rear lights for Shelby/Eleanor? I'd hate to replace taillight panel as I just replaced mine.
  2. There are a few ways to go about this these days (thank the Eleanor craze), and none of them require you to replace your taillight panel. The original Shelbys had some cutouts on the taillight panel -- the dividers between the original taillight segments and two round holes per side for the other sockets to stick through. There were then steel boxes fastened from inside the trunk that supported the assembly. You can get all of this stuff from Tony Branda.

    Scott Drake makes a kit now that consists of ABS plastic housings, repro aluminum trim rings, and stock lenses. It takes a bit of work to make everything fit right and seal up, but it saves money.

    There is a new, trick setup on the market that uses LED lights and a complete unit that's thin enough to allow you to avoid any cutting to your stock taillight panel whatsoever. They only make it in '68 style, but I'm sure it can be adapted to '67. Here's their site: http://www.mustangproject.com/67-68 shelby conversion kit.htm

    There are probably other options out there but that's what I know.
  3. Like this?


    Before paint...


    When I did this back in 1983, I had to sabre saw most of the taillight panel away, as the Cougar tailight housings are very deep. The original Shelbys had a new panel welded in to mount the back of the taillight assemblies. If you can, find a 67 Shelby, and see how it was done. I also am guessing you will be replacing your trunklid & caps with Shelby-style parts, as the stockers will not fit.

    Also, I have been selling for years a sequential unit that mounts in the trunk, and will make your lights work sequentially. Same size as the 69-73 Cougar unit, without the wiring hassle! $80.00 + S&H. Here's the unit:



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  4. Thanks. I have the caps and lid already.

    Reen-Where can you buy the Scott Drake stuff, though the LED thing looks interesting and I may go this way. What did you do on your car?
  5. Most recently (on the red car) I used the Drake setup with electronic sequential controllers similar to those shown above. I only learned about the LED rig afterwards, and I will certainly try that on the next car.
  6. Absolutely. Why hack the car if its not necessary and you're not sure if its something you're going to want five years down the road? From everything I've ever read about LED's, if its done right, this is the obvious choice.
  7. Yes. LED = instant on/off, brighter, longer life, lower power consumption. Better in every way except price.
  8. And man does this (LED) system seem to be expensive....
  9. I'm not sure if anyone really answered your original question, but converting to '67 Shelby (Cougar) taillights involves MAJOR surgery. There is simply nothing subtle about the amount of cutting needed to get the Shelby boxes in there. The cut goes from the outer edge of the orginal tallight holes inward about 28" if I remember correctly. It's not painless, but is necessary to the look of a clone. It's really something you need to be sure about since it's not easily reversed. Having said that, I cut mine and have never been sorry, it looks great and regardless of what you may read, the Cougar lights are at least as bright as the original '67-'68 units.
  10. Thanks! I'm trying to figure it out now.
  11. who sells the Scott Drake stuff anyway?
  12. I'll see if I can dig up a pic of my taillight panel to let you see just what's involved.
  13. here you go:
  14. Thanks Zookeeper. I'll save pic.