67 Super Snake Project

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  1. I am finally able to get started on my 67 Super Snake Project.

    Sent the car off to the media Blaster 5 weeks ago. Got it back yesterday. Nothing but virgin metal :jaw:




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  2. Epoxy Primered

    After much thought, I decided to go ahead and epoxy primer everything. No sense in having to remove all the rust again. Plus it makes me feel like I have accomplished something :)



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  3. gotta love the sight of a virgin stripped... ... I mean the car of course ;) :D
  4. wow. enough said. hahaha i am jealous. my dream is to start with a '67 fastback shell and build it up with all new parts.
  5. Was your car on a trailer heading down Interstate 65 in Alabama Sunday?
    I saw a 67 or 68 primered shell but I was headed north and it was headed south so I didn't get a good look at it. BTW it looks good.
  6. Car looks great, wish I could do that to mine...

    Question: Did you cut those two long ovals near your cowls at the top of the firewall to gain access to the dreaded cowl area without having to drill out all the spot welds?

    I just went and looked at my '67 coupe and I don't have those holes...

    Just curious. Thanks a lot! :nice:

  7. No, I live in Texas. And thanks.
  8. Cooling Vents

    Yes I cut them out. Two reasons, one to gain access. And two, adding a little more cooling for the engine. Unique Performance, who builds the Shelby authorized 427 Super Snake, reports an additional cooling of 6-8 degrees by adding these vent holes. It uses the high pressure at the base of the windshield to force air down through the cowl and into the engine bay area.
  9. VERY nice Richard!

    Call it a "stealth cowl" hood, the extra cooling is gonna be necessary during those central Texas summers too. Are you puting a 427FE or a 427W into your snake? You doing all the work yourself or farming it out to a shop?
  10. AWESOME!!! Thanks for the info, looks like I got myself a little project this weekend...
  11. 427FE Shelby Aluminum big block 482ci with S/C. I am doing everything except the finish body layer and the painting.

    PS. I got your wiring diagram. Thanks for making it available.

    EDIT: ci
  12. Alooominum 468ci with blower, and all work done yourself? You sir have that rare combination of budget AND time. I can never seem to get both together, right now I have budget but no time.

    Good luck with the wiring, I give no warranties, keep the extinguisher handy :D

    JC6715, be aware that if you use your interior vents you'll be pulling in some very warm engine air too.
  13. Thanks Edbert

    I hadn't thought of that... However, I don't use the vents and I really like the idea of a little cowl access and some cooling for the engine bay. Good looking out, I appreciate it.
  14. I went ahead and extended the front frame rails toward the rear with some heavy gauge metal. Then I will install the inner floor supports over the heavier duty frame rails. This is the point that the Sub-Frame brace will attach and tie in to the rear spring mounting point.


    I fabricated the rails using a plasma cutter and a square to guide the cutter for a straight cut.


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  15. Torque Boxes

    I installed two new torque boxes. You sure can have some unexpected rust underneath the old ones :jaw:

  16. Lower Shock Tower Braces

    I also added the lower shock tower braces.

  17. Looks very nice! makes me wanna tear my Mach1 apart... Missing the whole funds part though. How much was it to get your body blasted and epoxy primered?
  18. Car looks great! Can you give me a little info on that lift? I've been looking around for one but I haven't made a decision on which to buy yet. Would you buy the same make/model lift again?

  19. I found a guy close to San Antonio and he did the media blasting (not sand) for $600. It did take him 4 extra weeks to finish the job (because of outside problems), but he did a good job. Even did the doors and 35 other small pieces.

    I did the epoxy primer. It took me 3 quarts of PPG DP90LF. 2 just wasn't enough.

    I hear you on the funds. I am just lucky that my wife is allowing me to spend the amount of money I going to spend. (Mortgage the house!!!!! :D :D :D, just kidding).
  20. I found this lift on sale for $1469. It is from American Automotive. It is the TP09A and normally costs $1599. And yes, I would buy the same model again. It is a very good lift. And to me, well worth the money. The rotisserie is also worth the money, even more so.

    You need 220v and at least 4" thick concrete. To install you would need a hammer drill and ordinary shop tools. Before you put up the posts, there is a left and a right (for the mounting of the power control).

    The whole lift weighs over 700 lbs. You will need to get it off the truck somehow. Even taking the delivered "package" apart, the main posts are still very heavy! (Heavier than 2 people can carry).

    Edit: Weight could be almost twice that. I am just guessing, but it is extremely heavy!