67 Super Snake Project

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  1. yeah is 60 sec. but 60 sec. seems slow for SUPER SNAKE.IMO
    let me when it's for the road i'll be there for the ride.J/K:D
  2. Very nice!! I'm glad for you to hit this milestone in the project. That thing is going to be a handfull on the streats. Congrats!
  3. Congrats!
  4. Whose door locks and power windows are yiou using?
  5. Thanks, Kevin and Jcode68. Still got some work to do, but hearing that thing start is very motivational.

    The window actuators are from Electric Life. Power window switches from Watson Street Works. Door locks do not have an external switch, but were provided with the Alarm System, and are the same as most all of them.
  6. Nice! I saw some smoke at the end. Did you have oil on the headers or a wire on them? Or were my eyes deceiving me?
  7. Combination of everything being brand new, and "3 quick taps" adds a lot of fuel. The EFI has only been tuned with a "driveable" tune and is not fine tuned yet.
  8. Drive Train Done

    Well, I finished the entire drive train. After taking the trans out, bellhousing off, clutch and pressure plate off, putting the bellhousing and trans back on, and checking for end play (it was fine). Remove the trans and bell housing, putting the clutch and pressure plate back in, bell housing back on, fixing the hydraulic throwout bearing (shorter length piston for clearance) and re-installing the trans, driveshaft, exhaust, etc. It is DONE!!!!!

    If I had a radiator I would be driving it around the block (without a windshield) tonight.

    Clutch is strong but not too strong. You would get a small workout in Houston traffic, but it is not as bad as the one Super Snake I tried. It pumped up immediately, and stays firm even after sitting.
  9. Why are you posting! Get back to work and finish that bad boy. hehe. Maybe I missed it but what tranny did you decide on?
  10. The old body is tired. I put 12 hours in yesterday.

    I have the TKO 600 5 speed. I really wanted a 6 speed, but was told that it would not handle as much HP. I am already pushing the limit as it is.
  11. Did you look into the Richmond 6-speeds?

    When you are ready to take it out to break it in, make a run up to South Austin so I can get a ride! :D
  12. Very true. Good Tranny BTW.

  13. No, I didn't look in to the Richmond. But maybe I should have. But either way, I have this TKO.

    I will let you know when I hit 6th St!
  14. I installed the headliner. A good suggestion is to use the old windlace, cut it in to small 2-3" pieces and use them as a clamp while you glue it in place. Then use the new windlace around the doors when you glue. Do the doors first, then use all the small pieces around the front & back glass area when you glue the headliner there. Leave them on until you install the glass.


    View attachment 383348

    I installed the Alpine PDX 4.100 Amp and cleaned up the wiring.

  15. Door Weatherstrip Chrome Installed

    I installed the chrome pieces around the door today. You can spend HOURS on this stuff to get it right. After that I installed the chrome piece that holds the weatherstrip. I used some 3M strip calk on the backside where the old cork gasket used to be. Just added two small runners to the chrome piece and then screwed it in place.


  16. Rear Seat, Rear Quarters, Carpet & Console

    I cut a piece out of the gas tank filler tube at the tank to make it more level, and not want to spit back at you when filling. Permanently mounted the wiring from the EFI to the passenger fender relays in wire loom.

    But the big story is I installed the rear inside quarter panels (3 times each to get them right with the roll bar cut out), the rear seats, seat belts, carpet, and console. Carpet is not all the way finished, but is about 80% done (mostly cut, in place, etc. )

    I'm not worried about the rear seat wrinkle right now. After it gets out in the heat, if that doesn't do it I might spray a little water on in and rub it in!

    Like my Mustang rear seat belts? Also, look at the trim moulding where the roll bar meets the rear inside quarter panels.




  17. Carpet Finished, Overhead Console Installed

    I finished the carpet. I have never been so glad that all the back breaking work is about done. I installed the center console for good. Installed the shifter. I had to bolt the bottom shifter bolt from underneath the console (when it was loose). The extra insulation and new carpet makes the installation process a PITA! Kick panels and door sill plates (stainless steel) are done. Well, I have one to go. Seat floor brackets are bolted down. Seat belt bolts were put in before the carpet. It sure makes it easier to find those holes.


    I even installed the overhead console w/map lights! Installing those screws before the headliner made the process a little easier to find.

  18. Trunk & Rear Is Finished

    Trunk is finished. Trunk weatherstirp is installed. A little video update:

    Electric Trunk Release

  19. Doors are DONE, complete with molding, electric windows, handles, etc, etc. Many hours here. But they sound like a new car when they close:


    And the front & rear glass and chrome were installed today!



    Radiator is 31" x 16", dual pass, inlet and outlet on the drivers side, filler neck on the passenger side, dual 13" 1720 CFM fans and shroud:


    Anybody recognize these?


    A big hole here, I will reinforce it with a piece of angle. I had to remove the A/C condenser and the brackets, cut them, move them to the back of the condenser, bend the lines a little, but it all lines up now. More pictures when I get the upper bracket to the radiator welded on. The lower radiator mounts are just 2 pins ( 1/2" ) with a rubber insulator:


    I can almost smell the rubber burning down the road!