67 Super Snake Project

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  1. Progress is great, though your thread is a reminder of how much i have to do haha.
  2. ha ha. Yes indeed. Sometimes I wake up thinking, OMG, there is still so much to do. But I just take it one day at a time. One more issue resolved. Now I can almost taste the pepperoni on this pizza!

    Getting close.......
  3. Radiator, SPAL Dual Fan Control, Rear Seat Latches

    The radiator is installed. Upper radiator hose, dual 1710 fans, SPAL PWM dual fan control (one fan comes on at 50%, up to 100% then the other fan comes on at 100%, A/C will turn the initial one fan on at 100%). All the A/C lines have been installed. Front lower grill has been permanently mounted.


    View attachment 381316

    The rear seat latches have been finished. Since I did the mini tub, getting all the little pieces to match up and work properly took half a days work. But they are done!

  4. Interior Update

    I have the inside almost done. I didn't take pictures, but all I have to do is vacuum and put in the front seats, front seat belts and glove box. After a radiator hose and a cold air intake, I will be starting this puppy.
  5. Looks great.
    why did you go with std. door panels over deluxe ones though?
  6. I had an opportunity to see two identical mustangs side by side, one with deluxe door panels, the other with just the standard. I really like the look of the standard panels more.

    BTW, they were both Black mustangs.
  7. What weatherstrip did you use on the trunk and how did you attach it?
  8. Trunk Weatherstrip

    I used this weatherstrip. I can not tell you the manufacturer, as I got it from UP.



    Satisfied, yes. I thought I was going to have a problem with closing the trunk lid. Quite the contrary. This stuff is not big enough to seal in one place for sure. I used 3M 8008. Excellent stuff.

  9. Around The Block

    Well, I took her around the block. I have three issues.

    1.) Transmission has got to come back out. The input shaft must be hitting the crank, which makes it act like the clutch is not releasing all the way.

    2.) Something is rubbing like a rotor against a caliper, or the like. I was so tired I did not lift it to inspect, but will get to it tomorrow.

    3.) Running way rich. Now comes the tuning with the laptop.

    No fluid leaks, no brake problems, no other issues at this time. Still got to get the alignment, cold air intake and A/C charge.
  10. Congratulations on the maiden voyage! I'm happy that you didn't have any leaks, wish I could say the same for my first rip... Just curious how the sound proofing worked out for you? Worth the time and effort?
  11. Thanks!

    Not sure about ther sound proofing yet as I had the windows down listening for every little noise.

    I will give an candid and unbiased answer when that time comes though.
  12. I am very curious to see how this portion of your project turned out. So how many heads did you turn on her first trip out?
  13. I think all my neighbors hated me. hah ha "Call the cops, there is a hoodlum in the neighborhood!" ha ha :jaw:
  14. Radiator to Upper Grill Shroud

    Hood still off till I get the EFI/Dyno guy over here. I Changed the plugs because they were fouled.

    Not many new parts are left to put on.

    I am thinking about making an upper shroud for the attachment to the upper grill. Since I moved the radiator forward 1 1/2" , the old hood latch bracket wont clear the condenser. I have to make something. Either something small 8-12" wide, all the way to the hood pin brackets, or something that goes fender to fender and under the top grill slat.

  15. Cold Air Intake

    I built the cold air intake. There is 12" of round air filter underneath that fender. Still got to get those blue hoses off.


    I took it to the gas station (without the hood) and it has to be filled VERY SLOWLY.

    It caused quite a commotion. Many picture takers!

  16. haha, i can imagine, it looks great.

    And your the mechanics version of Monet.
  18. How about Michelangelo:


    See the resemblance, ha ha:

  19. Ya, we can go there:nice:
  20. Water Temp Sending Unit & Air Filter Shroud

    I had to install an extra water temp sending unit. If I tapped in to the EFI water temp probe, it may have caused a LOW temp reading by dividing the signal. So I tee'd the manifold, and added the dash gauge water temp sending unit.

    I also built an aluminum water shield (2 sides only) for the under-fender 12" long conical air filter.