67 Super Snake Project

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  1. I just talked to my fathers friend who did the same with his Zo6, barely noticeable.
  2. I was about to suggest the same thing. Great stuff and doesn't look tacky.
  3. I replaced the factory front swaybar with a 1" from NPD. Factory was either 5/8" or 11/16". The kit came with 1" mounts, which I did not know. I purchased this 1" bushing kit.


    The factory swaybar causes the end links to be tilted back, when used with the coilover suspension (see pic).


    I heard you would have problems using a 1" swaybar with an FE. I seem to have no clearance issues. Only problem with this bar is that it does hit the frame when the tires are lifted off the ground. So this should only be a problem when I pull my General Lee "jump the river" trick.


    I used the old end link bolts and had to shorten the bolt spacer in the (middle) about 3/8".

  4. I have a 1 1/8th sway bar under my FE on my 70. The main issue is your oil filter will get crushed by the sway bar. I used a relocation kit and so far I have been fine without any clearance issues with the stock control arms. Mine is a magma purchased form mustangs plus years ago.
  5. Maybe that is what they were referring to. My sway bar would have to break loose on the passenger side, snake around the front, up under the drivers fender and SMACK the oil filter to do any damage to it! :D
  6. New Camera

    Just got a Nikon D40X camera. No more fuzzy photos.

    And I made the piece from the radiator to the grill






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  7. Much better quality of pictures, too bad you didn't have it at the start of the project! I think you should tear it down so you can take better pics :lol:

    On a serious note, what's the story on your engine situation? How is the builder handling the problem?

  8. ha ha Tear it down ha

    I wish Keith Craft would have handled it differently, but I was told incorrect information on:

    1. How to adjust the valves (I was told 3/4 - 1 turn after zero lash)
    2. How strong the hydraulic valve springs are at rest

    His solution was to bring the car to him. 250 miles. I am not pleased.

    I figured it out, and it started running so good, I had to reduce the idle (went to over 1500 rpm) even with the EFI IAC (idle air controller) doing what it could to bring it back down. The valves have less than 1/4 - 1/2 turn adjustment from loose to overtight. rocker arm are 1.75 to 1 throw. Total valve lift is .6
  9. New Pictures

    Got her up to a buck 20 (for you guys that dont like street racing, that is a 120 miles per gallon). Surprisingly smooth. Quickly came upon other MGP enthusiasts. Had to hit the brakes.

    Here is some of the newer photos out of the garage:





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  10. That paint looks sick. Love the depth to it. Was it painted in a shop in Texas?
  11. Wow!:D

  12. Collision Pro in Plano TX
  13. So when are you going to shine it up?

    J/K, looks incredible!!! :nice:
  14. EWR tags & a car show

    I just got my EWR plates and installed the fender tag. I am getting the door sill plates engraved later on today and will install them, also. I used 3M Plastic Emblem & Trim Adhesive. It is clear, and I thought it might be better than 2 sided tape.


    I am entering Medusa in the MOCA (Mustang Owners Club of Austin) Mustang & Ford Show in Austin on August 4th from 10am - 2 pm.

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  15. 27th Annual MOCA Mustang/Ford Show

    I just got back from the 27th annual Mustang Owners Club of Austin, Mustang/Ford show. I put my car in the Modified 64-78 mustang class. Medusa was an View attachment 373196 (attention whore).

    She won a Class Award (runner up in class) and the Participants' Choice (everyone who entered the show gets to vote on their favorite). There were a lot of entrants and spectators there.





    View attachment 373204

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  16. congrats. it looks great. those bolts next to the registry label look like the only non-shiny thing in the car!
  17. Would you happen to have a pic of the class winner? I cannot beleive there would have been a nicer car there, period.
  18. Here is a photo of the class winner. The car was slick, and trust me it was a tight class. Normally I own the class, but there were 4 cars better than mine.

    Congrats on taking a Class Award and Participants' Choice. Make sure to come out for the Texas Classic Car Show at Rudy's Country Store.

    See you there.


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  19. This was the class winner. A very nice Mach 1. The paint made you thirsty for a red Tootsie Pop (ya just wanted to come up and lick the car):



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