67 Super Snake Project

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  1. More Fiberglass Mock Up

    I Mocked up the upper side scoops, lower side scoops and rear fender flares:


  2. Trunk Fiberglass

    I am happy with the fit of the trunk lid. Unique Performance fiberglass is pretty good. I have been told that you can expect a lot of issues with fiberglass. Fitment without any work is not bad. However, this is only a mock up. I am going to get the fit a lot closer.




  3. Any updates?
    Whats it like working with the glass products? I'm planning on doing the shelby rear deck and endcaps. Dont' know if I'm going to do the shelby-type tail lights though. There is another offering for the Shelby tail lights out there that is a true bolt on with LED lights. I might go that route just in case I want to go back to my original tail lights. I also want to do the upper and lower scoops. But I don't like the upper scoops that are used by UP. I like the real Shelby uppers because they have the flow through design that actually work in sucking air out of the interior of the car. And I would like the lower scoops to be functional. I have mixed feelings on the fender flares. They look good but I don't want to have to mess with fitting them and blending them in to look right. Seems like a lot of work. And I have enough of that already. I also like the Shelby hood, which is probably what I'm going to use. More power to you though in taking all of this on!:nice:
    Keep us posted on further developments.
  4. DOH!
  5. I feel like my youngest daughter when she is running through the house with her head down. Sometimes you need to look where you are going!!!

    Well, I didn't. Now I have the left taillight where the right one should go, etc. I can't believe that I could screw up this bad.

    I will remove them and see if I can possibly just add some fiberglass and recut the holes.

    Or I could just leave it alone. Makes the car look mad :mad: :mad: LOL
  6. Still looking for 68 hinges:

    Trap door hinges? I have a set of 68 trap door hinges.
  7. Thanks, but I meant trunk lid hinges.
  8. Rear Coilover Installation

    Got the coilover rear end home.


    After carefully measuring, I tack welded it in place. Loosened all the bolts, measured again, and then finished the welding. I also installed side mounting plates to give additional strength.



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  9. Differential, Torque Arm & Sub Frame Brace

    Installed the Currie 3.25:1 differential, torque arm, and the weld in side subframe braces.


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  10. Did you have any issuses getting the subframes to sit flush? Your project looks nice, and is making great progress.
  11. Subframe Fitment

    Yes, but not much. The passenger side rear wanted to go to the outside about 1/2". The driver side was alot closer. But a little hammer action and the weld joints came within 1/16". With these old mustangs, and the manufacturing processes, nothing is going to be perfect :rolleyes:. We would like everything to fit :shrug: , but it is not :nono: going to happen. Ha
  12. Looking awesome Richard, thanks for the updates.

    3.25:1 gears though? You're going with an overdrive trans right?
  13. With 750HP and 3.25's sounds like a VERY FAST Machine
  14. Looking great.. I've seen the Unique rear suspension in a 68 by Leonard Compton.. they do look great and I understand they ride nice as well.

    Very nice project - love the udpates and pics.

  15. I would have preferred the Tremec 6 speed, but I understand that their 5 speed will handle more HP. The OD is either .64 or .68.

    And thanks.
  16. Got the chance to install the X Brace, Rear Shelby 12" brakes and lines, UP front coilover suspension and Shelby 13" front brakes. Wow, a lot more work behind the scenes that is not mentioned.




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  17. Awesome......simply awesome....I wish I had the time and money to do that!


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  18. Yeah. Time and money... very nice! You have both or really messed up prioreties. hehe. Keep up the good work.
  19. Priorities? What is more important :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:
  20. I got out the TCP Power Rack & Pinion, Baer Bump Steer kit, and installed them.




    As if that weren't enough for the day, I dropped the car to the ground, removed the new wheels, put on the old ones. Then I rehung the doors with new hinges. After that I loosely hung the fiberglass on front.


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