67 Survivor - Tires And Oil Question

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  1. Just purchased an unmolested, completely original 67' Mustang Coupe with 289 - C code. The original spare in trunk is the Firestone pin stripe white - wide oval tire - belted bias ply. The car currently has radial tires. Do I replace current tires with original Firestone Wide Oval Whites - belted bias ? or a repro radial tire ? As the car is a superb example of a survivor and could easily join a preservation class event, I want to do the "right" thing.
    Many will tell me the car will ride & handle better with radials, but the lure of the original Firestone WO belted bias tire (ala Coker or Universal) is tempting. Help please ?

    Last question: Car has 83K well maintained miles on orig. C code motor. What oil should I be using ?

    Thanks for any assist one might offer. Bigmac
  2. regarding tires, that is ultimately up to you, since i dont go in for the total original look, i buy the tires i want. personally i would go for tires that look the part, but are modern radial construction if i were going to drive the car in anything other than just parades and to car shows.

    as for oil, any good high mileage oil will do nicely.
  3. Thanks for your input. I appreciate it. Bigmac