[68 Conv] Need Help with Value

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  1. Ok guys,
    My dad is looking pretty hard at these new 05 Stangs and I think he is thinking of selling his 1968 Convertible I-6. I think he also wants a little bit more giddyup but he doesn't want to mess up a pretty much stock car. So he asked me to check out the values. I would really it appreciate if you guys could help us out here.

    The Car:

    -1968 Convertible
    -Red exterior/Black Interior
    -Straight 6, rebuilt ~15yrs ago by previous owner, I'm not exactly sure of the miles he put on it, but I doubt more than 1,000 and runs great


    -Paint has some spots of fade and some minor cosmetic blemishes, it could definitly use a paint job, but by all means looks great from 10ft away
    -Interior the top could be replaced as it is very tight and getting old and the front two seats have a rip in the lower seat section otherwise great
    -Rear bumper needs replacement as previous owner got it dinged in and this cause a slight chipping in the paint (Chrome is otherwise good)
    -He has a complete AC system from an 86, everything including condesor/ducting/chrome vents.... it is not currently on the car, should we add it to it and how much would it add $?

    Thanks guys, I really don't want him to sell it, but eh who knows, I might just buy it from him if he has to sell it to pick up a new one. Either way I appreciate any and all comments.

    Nada listed the values at:

    Low: $6,160
    Average: $12,720
    High: $19,840


    Low: $7,315
    Ave: $15,105
    High: $23,560