68 Cougar Engine Swap

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  1. I have a 68 with 302 and a c4. I also have 2000 5.0. What auto tranny options do I have. Its the wife's daily driver so it doesn't need more power, just another gear for highway speeds and better mileage.
  2. a Cougar is basically a Mustang with different outer sheetmetal .any motor that will fit a Mustang will fit a Cougar.
    68 302 in a cougar ,is it a 4 V ? if it is hold on to that motor and tranny . the tranny will have the larger C servo and the motor will be a J code if it is a 4 V
  3. The motor was originally a 2 v but is now a 4v. I would like to put a newer 5.0 in it with a 4spd auto. I have the 5.0 out of a 2000 explorer but don't know what transmission to put with it. It has the original c4.
  4. an AOD works quite nicely behind a 5.0 push rod engine. and it has the advantage of being an easy swap overall.
  5. An AOD from a fox Mustang should be cheap and plentiful, and the swap parts are readily available. I am by no means an AOD expert, so I'm not sure if an AOD from a Crown Vic for instance is physically the same as the fox version. I would imagine they are, but I would consult someone much more knowledgeable than me before I bought one.

    BTW. You might want to swap cams in your explorer motor. It will work as is, but I have been told the stock explorer cam is not well suited for smaller lighter cars. Also, a lot of Explorers used what are called GT-40P cylinder heads. The difference being, the P heads have a different spark plug angle. (They stick nearly straight out rather than angled) Most vintage Mustang headers block access to the plugs, but there are headers made specifically for this swap. If you search for GT-40P you'll get some more info.
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