68 Coupe Data Plate Doesn't Match. Red Flag?

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  1. I found a 1968 Mustang Coupe for sale with a clean title. The girl got it in the divorce and wants it gone but knows nothing about it. I've driven it and the drive was great. Started and ran good, no major suspension or handling problems. My concern is that the Data Plate in the door has the same VIN as the dash, but the other info doesn't match. The plate says it should be Pebble Beige with a Parchment Interior. It Also calls for a C4 automatic transmission. Now as the car sits it has a green exterior, full black interior (carpets, seats, headliner), and a 4 speed manual transmission. Should it be a Red Flag that this much doesn't match the original information?
  2. the door may have been replaced so the tag is probably for another car .that is not a problem as long as the apron numbers match the pink. look at the bottom of the metal tag you will see, FOR WARRANTY PURPOSES ONLY .i have been through this with DMV before .as it says that tag is for warranty only.
  3. being a 68 it should also have a tag in front of the dash pad on pass.side does it match the front apron?
  4. as long as the vin matches the title, you should have no problem.