68 Coupe- Going Topless

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  1. I sanded all the black coating off the driver side ,what a mess ,100 degrees outside and i was coated from head to toe in black dust:rlaugh:Still have to clean off the rocker but i will do that with the sand blaster .
    I will finish off the pass. side tomorrow .
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  2. I sanded off the pass. side this morning . Not a lot of body work to do ,just some small dings ...in the new fenders :think: and a couple of spots at the end of the quarters ,most of it will not require any bondo when i am finished with it .It's going to get hot again, soon as i get a cooler day i will sand blast the rest or it
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  3. Just a quick question. Why didn't you leave the e-coating on the fenders doors and quarters? Why sand it all off?
  4. Primer and paint does not stick well to the e coat .And i have found surface rust under the coating on some panels
  5. I bought my sand ,wow went from $60 - $100 for the same amount of sand ,Going to blast early tomorrow . Picture 002.jpg My neighbors may not like it .They have kept me awake a few times so its only fair that i wake them up early once . It's only going to get 93 * tomorrow so it shouldn't be to hot . Took it back apart this morning so all i have to do is move it down to the sand pile ,the sand has to be about a foot deep there by now .The places that need blasting are fairly clean and i have already scraped off the tar and any undercoat so i should have it done by noon ,i hope . Picture 001.jpg Picture 003.jpg
  6. I can't help but find irony in spending $100 for a pallet of sand and then placing it in a section of yard made of . . . . . . . . .sand. :)
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  7. :lol:After it has gone through the blaster it turns to dust so i can't reuse it .I blasted a lot of cars and other stuff here
  8. Just finished blasting ,almost noon exactly .It took 5 hours to blast with no surprises and came out nice and clean. I didn't try to remove all the red primer that i had sprayed earlier, it was already blasted under that . I have to seal the seams tomorrow and probably primer this week end .
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  9. I got the seams sealed and the body in primer .I also sprayed the taillight cans .Tomorrow i will use sealer on the cans and pop rivet them in place .
    _MG_4801.JPG _MG_4804.JPG _MG_4806.JPG _MG_4803.JPG
  10. I pop riveted in the the tail light cans this morning .I used stainless rivets so they won't rust . I used 3M seam sealer to seal up the cans so they will not leak. _MG_4816.JPG _MG_4817.JPG _MG_4818.JPG _MG_4819.JPG
    It will be ready to come off the rotisserie soon
    _MG_4814.JPG _MG_4810.JPG
  11. Very very nice work. I wish I could ship my car to Cali and let you work your magic:hail:
  12. I got the doors and fenders primed .I masked off the inside of the doors because i didn't want the epoxy to fill in the grain on the door shell . I primed the back of the fenders ,they will stay red primer when painted just like the under side of the car.
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  13. I drilled the holes to lower the upper control arms ,1 inch down .I tried a control arm shaft and it fits .
    I have a 9 inch rear end ,soon as i can sand blast it and paint it i will bolt it in and it will come off the rotisserie . I will just clean up the old front suspension for now and bolt it back in so i can roll it.
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  14. WOW what a great job, I can't to show my son just what you can do when you take the time and do it right! Great car thanks for sharing.
  15. I got a rear end and springs bolted in yesterday ,It is still on the rotisserie. I bought the sand to blast the old front suspension .I was supposed to blast it this morning but i got a little side tracked .I needed a guard dog .
    Found one ,picked her up today. I needed something to guard all these heaps. She is a great Pyreness, may be a couple of weeks before she goes on duty though.

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  16. It's official. Your work has gone to the dog(s). Real cute one though!
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  17. Well did you name her Shelby or Mach 1?
  18. My mom decided she would name her .Pyrenees are French dogs so my mom named her Suzette, but we call her Suzy. Her and my other Pyrenees are tearing the place up playing .
  19. I finally got around to blasting the front suspension. I wont be using it but i needed a way to roll the car around after i get it off the rotisserie and my dolly i use will not work and let me fit the nose section,i just didn't want all the grease left on it . I hope to get it down this weekend and start bolting the body back together for final fit and body work.
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  20. I had to shuffle all the horses around this morning so i could get to the lift in the shop but it is off the rotisserie . It only takes about 15 minutes to un bolt when i use the lift . I may bolt the doors on tonight . Picture 002.jpg Picture 003.jpg Picture 001.jpg