68 Coupe- Going Topless

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  1. You certainly do amazing work.
  2. I got the doors on, the rear fiberglass on ,the front fenders on and the nose section just setting in place .Things never go back the way you had it. For some reason the pass side door hinge would not line up to the door and it was still bolted in place when i removed the doors :scratch: a little adjusting and it fit . I need to slide the fenders back about 1/16 inch ,got a wide door to fender gap . The trunk lid and end caps went right back where they were and so did the tail panel. The nose section is almost a perfect fit on the pass. fender .One of the studs on the driver side needs to be bent just a little so the point will go up ,about 1/16 inch , it fits very well now but not as good as my beat up old original fenders did .A little sanding on the mounting surface to tighten up the gap and it will be perfect . I need to sand blast my hood hinges because i forgot to do them when i did the suspension parts:doh: and bolt them on and i can bolt on the hood .Won't be a lot of body work but i want everything bolted in place when i do it . The worst part is the rockers on both sides ,someone dented in all the poprivet holes that mounted the rocker molding :nonono:
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  3. Hood hinges sandblasted and primed along with the latch assembly, i bolted the hood on .
    The front fenders are going to need the headlight mounting holes slotted slightly to get the nose section to slide to the points on the fenders . Picture 1 005.jpg
    Fenders just are not as good as the originals . It is going to fit well after a bit of alignment .
    Picture 1 003.jpg Picture 1 004.jpg Picture 1 001.jpg
  4. Your wheel chock looks exhausted. :rolleyes:
  5. When it wants to keep rolling away ,what i finds to stop it is darn good enough.:rlaugh: