68 Coupe Just Finished

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  2. WOW. that car is awesome. Can I ask where you got the hood from?
  3. Wow.....looks fantastic.
  4. Slightly understated G machine:) Lookin great bud. Your car is even tough not to like for the guys that don't like large diameter wheels.
  5. awesome Kevin.
  6. Very well done. Perfect blend of old and new. Nice choice of wheels too.
  7. Thanks...It is an original Ford steel hood with the glass scoop bonded to it.
  8. Thanks so much for the compliments!

    Any opinions on whether or not I should intall the rocker panel moulding?
  9. I vote for no rocker panel moldings.

    What wheels are those? They look to me like Ford Racing wheels?
  10. very nice...........anything special under the hood?
  11. Another "no" vote on installing rocker moldings. Looks too clean and mean without them!
  12. That is one gorgeous car!! Congrats on getting her done... I'm jones'n to complete my car now.

    No on the rocker panel; she looks good as she sits.
  13. Your vote on the rocker moulding is duly noted...thanks.

    The wheels are replicas of the Ford Racing "FR500" wheel.
  14. nothing too special...just a .030 over 289 with approximately 11:1 compression, Crower solid "street" roller cam (.540 lift and 244 @ .05 duration), out-of-the-box Edelbrock RPM heads, Victor jr Intake, Quick Fuel 650 carb, JBA shorty headers, ZEX perimeter plate nitrous system.
  15. Gorgeous car man!!!! Looks AWESOME!!! Love the new and old. Can't beat it.

  16. Im in Love what springs did you use in the rear to get that stance?
  17. What color is the car, dark green or black?
  18. I think a modified rocker trim would looks good, the lip at the top polished and the bottom painted the same black with the same level of gloss as the wheels, maybe powdercoated instead of painted.

    Here's a crude photoshop...


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  19. It kinda takes the linear line of the front bumper and the lip of the wheel and just carries that bit down the car, not too garish, sorta understated.

    You could put some black electrical tape on an old rocker trim and put it up there to see if you like it or not, drilling the holes for the clips would suck if you don't like it.