68 Coupe Just Finished

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  1. :hail2: :hail2: great job, that is an amazing car!

    I love the color and the hood.

    have any shots of the engine bay or interior?

    and my vote goes to not installing the rocker moulding too.
  2. That looks sweet. Go with that.

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  3. My vote is for no. I like the clean look you have accomplished. Adding more trim pieces will only ad to tacked on look, which it looks like you are trying not to do.
  4. Green....General Motors Polo Green to be exact. It is obviously real dark and without the right light it is very hard to tell it is not black.
  5. The fronts are Global West 620's with one full coil removed and a 1/4" poly spring spacer from Mustangs Plus. The rears are also Global West that I had dearched 2"
  6. You beat me to it! That's exactly what I was thinking only I would suggest getting the lower portion anodized with the top polished as it would give it some depth. Five or six coats of charcoal tinted clearcoat would also do the job nicely.

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  7. car looks great! I also have a 68 coupe and want a similar stance w/ 18's...what tire size are you running...
  8. GREAT JOB! keep the all black look, I think the rocker trim would pull the eye down and take away from the car. Another AWSOME COUPE on the road. Great job on working the scoop in, flawless
  9. Thanks...the fronts are 245/40 and the rears are 275/40.
  10. Thank you...and here are the pics.

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  11. I think I just had an orgasm.....:SNSign:

    Naw man, seriously though. Absolutely, positively the best stance that i've seen on any Mustang. Great job man, now put her in some shows and pick up a few trophies!
  12. I vote rocker panels on! I've never liked the look of anyone's 67-68 when they leave those off...you can change a lot of parts, but not those imo.

    I'm going to give mine its wash tomorrow and do a few pics, my resto has just been completed too! 67 coupe in acapulco blue will let you see how the rocker panels look on mine.
  13. I just like it because I've seen dark colored cars with black centered wheels without the rocker trim before, I've NEVER seen what I (and you) are suggesting.
  14. Wow, looks great!
  15. Thanks for all the compliments...here is another pic.

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  16. I think the rockers on would take it away from the g car look you've already aquired. It looks very clean the way it sits. If you're going to put the rockers on, go ahead and put all the emblems on as well.
  17. :jaw: :hail2: :jaw: :hail2: :jaw: :hail2: amazing car, reminds me of a foose car a little, it has nearly inspired me to do the exact same paint and wheel combination, havent decinded exactly on wheels yet, but hands down, one of the coolest rides on this site.

    where did that radiator come from, it looks aluminum.

    what are the sizes on the wheels
  18. The radiator is an aluminum Griffin model...tha tanks are stamped to look like the original radiator.

    The wheels are 18x8 front and 18x9 rear...thanks for the compliments.
  19. I agree, a "no" vote on installing rocker moldings. VERY NICE SMOOTH CLEAN RIDE!!!
  20. Were the wheels painted or powder coated or what, where did you buy them from.