68 Coupe Just Finished

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  1. absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Those pictures are now saved to my "Inspiration" folder :D Got any more?? :D

    what all have you done to the interior? What guage panel is that?
  2. The wheels are copies of the Ford Racing FR500 wheels with black powdercoated centers that I bought from www.mustangtuning.com
  3. I am honored to be a part of your inspiration folder!

    The interior is all stock except for the gauges (Autometer Ultra-Lites) that I did myself and the Grant steering wheel. Future plans call for Scat ProCar seats (w/out the headrest), a 6 pt roll bar and 4 pt harnesses.
  4. I see you got the Zex plate wired up. Looks great!
  5. Actually I have it all plumbed but have yet to wire it all up...I did add a 5 psi pressure switch to the regulator outlet for the nitrous solenoid.
  6. Thanks a lot for the photochop, it looks great. However, I decided not to install the moulding and returned it to DMP. So the car will be going back to Mohrs Restoration (shameless plug) to get the holes filled.

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  7. quick question, i read over what you have done as far as front and rear lowering went, and what i extract is that the front and rear where lowered two inches each, is that about right?
  8. Yeah about 2" from where it would have sat with the GW springs as purchased. For the back I used lowering blocks to mock up the ride height before pulling the springs and getting them dearched. I would dearch about a 1/2" less than you want then dial it in with some thin blocks. That way you can always easily raise it back up some if you need to.
  9. 620 rate springs lower the front of the car 1", so you lowered it 2" past that? and the rear, is on dearched springs, and lowering blocks? sorry for the trouble i am just slightly confused, and how did you adjust pinion angles, when you dearched your springs

    Also what is the ride like with 18's caues there is not to much sidewall there?

    Where are you in Dallas
  10. sorry that I was not clear...on the front all I know is that I cut one full coil off the springs. If it helps the height from the ground to the top of the fender opening is 23.75" and the back is 24.50". On the back there are no blocks...I only temporarily used blocks to determine how much I needed to dearch the springs. However, I would recommend only dearching these springs 1" and then use blocks to lower it the rest of the way. This allows for some adjustability should you decide to raise it back up for whatever reason. I have not checked the pinion pinion angle...which is another reason to only dearch 1"...so you have space to use angle shims as they will lower the car some as well. BTW what is an ideal pinion angle and what is the allowable devaition?

    I live in southeast Lewisville near the SH121 - I35 intersection.
  11. Not bad...the tires are actually 40 series so there is some sidewall...
  12. I am not sure what an allowable deviation would be nor do i know what the pinion angle should be, i figured it might be in my service manual but it was not.

    Also, what brakes are you running on the front and rear, what size rotors?
  13. I am going to look into the pinion angle thing...

    The brakes are Baer Track 13" in the front and 12" in the rear. I bought these brakes in 98 before they had the logo caliper
  14. Nicely done:hail2: . Though i looked on Mustang tuning and can't come across the 18x8 wheels i guess they took them off the line
  15. These wheels are not available in 18x8...so I bought the 18x9 with +36mm offset (2005+ Mustang size) and narrowed them 1".

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  16. Wow! How much would a guy like me have to pay to get wheels narrowed like that?
  17. Im not knocking but why didn't you just run 18x9 in the front?

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  18. It is about $150 a wheel at www.weldcraftwheels.com

    This is the second pair of fronts I have narrowed. Ther first were replica Cobra R's that I bought before there were 17x8 versions available.
  19. At my ride height there is no way a 18x9 will fit the front...not sure it would fit at any ride height with a stock based suspension.
  20. Ah yes how stupid of me, sometimes i forget that the front of the car has to steer as well.:bang: