68 Coupe Just Finished

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  1. Are you running any spacers or anything in the front or back? Is the rearend the stock width?
  2. Nothing in the back and a 1/4" spacer up front only to keep the inner wheel lip off the UCA at full lock.

    The rear axle is a stock width from a 69 Mustang
  3. One of the coolest, most unique, and stealthy classics I have ever seen. Great job!
  4. Hey Big-Mac do you run into problems with the front wheels rubbing or hitting. and did you roll your fenders?
  5. No rubbing...and the lips are rolled. Before I put the 1/4" spacers on the front rubbed on the UCA's at full lock.
  6. Glad to see your up and running. I know you from protouring. (gbeals) You car has come a long way. Good Job.
  7. Thanks gbeals...I remember you from protouring.com

    Here is a pic from the Yellow Rose Show this past weekend.


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  8. Car looks great!! I love those wheels. I vote no on the rockers as well.
  9. Thanks. I have decided to leave off the molding...so the car will soon go back to the paint shop (Mohr Restoration) to get the holes filled...

  10. I agree...I think (insert my $.02 here) that it clutters it up. Then again, I like the clean lines, and my car isnt even gonna have carpet...heh heh

    That car is TOIGHT!!! TOIGHT like a TOIGER!!!!:hail2:
  11. We are going to have to get together some time... I am in Flower Mound near 1171 and Garden Ridge.
  12. How about the Cracker Barrel next Saturday...should be the monthly NTMC sponsored get together.
  13. ooops... looks like I checked this on Sunday... PM me a number so we can talk... I would like to find some people to hang out with.
  14. On Dark paint, the more chrome the better. Nice job by the way.
  15. I installed the rocker molding on the drivers side to see if I like it. What do you guys think? Should I leave it on or take it off? I also recently installed some Scat ProCar Rally seats.

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  16. That car is absolutely gorgeous. The color is stunning. It's tough that I have nice black paint with activator, seems late to change my mind but your car makes me want to!
  17. Geese it looks good both ways, glad i dont have to make that decision. If it were my car i could go either way, On the one hand i like the look with it on, and i also like the look with it off. Either way you go, the car is amazing, I'm sure that these pictures do not do it justice. I love it.
  18. It looks good either way. The car looks more "serious" without it if that makes any sense.
  19. Well it's what matters to you that matters the most. But since you asked, I think the car looks cleaner and more hot rod without it.
  20. +1