68 Coupe Just Finished

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  1. Overall I like the rocker mouldings. However on your car - I'd go without it. Gives your ride an even more aggressive look to it.
  2. i agree with everyone else about the rocker molding, i like the car better without it, however, it does seem to draw attention away from the traction bars. with the trim in place my eye goes to the trim and away from the bars but without the trim my eye goes right to the traction bars.

    i think you need something there to break up the lines at the bottom and draw the eye away from the traction bars like maybe a GT style stripe or a thinner rocker molding like what you find on a 69 stang or something.
  3. You are right..problem is I can not make up my mind. :shrug: I have yet to have one person tell me the molding should stay.
  4. Go without for now, you can always add them later.
  5. If I am going to leave them off the holes need to be welded shut and the rockers repainted...more effin $$!
  6. I must say it looks good...

    either way... :nice:

    just leave it as is, with rockers on the drivers side but not the passenger side. You'll have the best of both worlds!
  7. I used the 67 fenders on my 68 rather than stock, to eliminate the side marker lamps and make it look cleaner.

  8. Man that thing looks good..

    I'm rather jealous, :nice:
  9. Car looks great!

    I vote no moldings.:nice:
  10. personally, i think it looks better with the rocker moldings.
    in my opinion, the rocker moldings give it a matching characteristic (i.e.: matches the lip on the rims, and the front and rear crome bumpers)
  11. This car looks great!

    I would like to know more about that hood. Did you cut out under the scoop? It sure gives the car a sinister look.

    I'd say no on the rocker trim (though I just replaced mine on my '68 coupe!) because it gives you the "blacked-out" look. Maybe it would look cool with the grill blacked-out too, like the Bullitt fastback....
  12. No rocker moldings. The car looks just fine the way it is. It's a Restomod, needs to look that way!
  13. I think the rocker mouldings would mean as hell in BLACK to go with the car.
  14. That is one clean coupe. Definitely gives me something to aspire to. I think completely de-badged and no rocker panels are the way to go, but i do agree with the fact that the rocker molding would tie in the lips from the rims and bumpers. A tough call, I would personally go without since it is more restomod that way.
  15. How about some interior shots? :hail2:
  16. Nice ride! I like the mouldings, but I think the idea a few pages back about getting them "smoked" would look really cool. Sort of a dark grey/black clear coat?