68 Coupe Pb Question

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  1. After hours of research I am coming up short so I pose this to y'all for some help. My '68 Coupe has OE PB but after taking the booster and MC out to work the engine bay, I realize that some is not right. There is a spacer between the booster and MC which has a rubber gasket on the PB side and nothing on the MC side of the spacer. The MC does appear to seat that well and looks as if there is perhaps a gasket missing but I cannot seem to locate a replacement. Also, on the push rod side, the rubber gasket was so ragged that I removed it thinking I could just buy a new one but none of the parts shops seem to carry it. Pics attached. Appreciate some help on this one guys.

    photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG
  2. That piece is correct and i think it is no longer available
  3. The master cylinder side should have a white plastic spacer . Picture 002.jpg If the rubber gasket side /the booster side is bad ,the booster diaphragm is bad, The rubber seal is the diaphragm And does not come off the booster . Picture 001.jpg
  4. Hmm definitely do not have the plastic spacer for the adapter. Any idea who might carry a replacement or your thoughts on an alternative option? The rubber piece attached to the booster is still good so not worried there.

    The rubber boot on the interior facing side (cover pushrod to pedal) was completely trashed so trying to figure out an option to replace that as well since it appears nobody is making replacements for that either. Thoughts?
  5. You will have to find a used one . I have seen them on Ebay
  6. No joy on ebay. Wishing I had bought that 3D Printer now.