68 Coupe Roof Replacement

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  1. I peeled the vinyl top on my 68 coipe today and my roof is toast, it needs a skin...unfortunately no one makes a replacement skin for a coupe so I guess I will have to find a donor car. I would love to see some pics of this if any of you guys have did this on your car...Thanks in advance
  2. May be time to convert to a fastback. Some of the mustang shops now offer the parts bundled. Not cheap or for the faint of heart though.
  3. i like my coupe pretty good, also too much involved for that...
  4. not sure ,but i think dynacorn lists a coupe roof now its
    hard to find on there site. the skin is not to difficult i have done a couple
    of them you have to remove front and back glass ,headlinner and roof
    rail trim. the hardest part is the skin to rain gutter peel out the sealer in the gutter
    the spot welds are not like regular welds they are long and narrow and about 3/4 inch apart and a lot of them.the rest of the spots are the regular round type you need to melt the lead out at the top window post and on top of quarter were roof meets
    carefull not to warp the quarter. the easiest way to remove the spots in the rain gutter
    is with a die grinder and cutoff wheel just grind on top of the welds ,but be carefull
    not to go through the rain gutter , what i usualy do is cut the roof skin obout 3 incher
    all the way around the edge remove the skin then remove the outer portion, its
    easier that way and you can take more care when trimming of the strip thats left
  5. i was just on dynacorn web site ,cant find a coupe roof skin, could of sworn
    i saw one listed with no pic available.looks like you will have to find a donor car
    .but have you seen the parts they do make holly cow just about every thing
    all should kneel before the great dynacorn :hail2:
  6. thanks for the insigt guys...i found a donor car and hopefully going to get it tomorrow...i will update with pics when i get it...
  7. I feel your pain.... I haven't peeled my top yet, but when I do, I know I'm going to find something..... I'll be watching your thread close....
  8. you may find rust on the front window frame ,usualy not bad
    but may require sand blasting
  9. i
    i f the doner car isnt to bad i can see a convert or even a fast back:chin
  10. I just had the roof on my 69 cougar redone, it wasn't so bad as I thought. I got it done, (slowly) by a local guy. My total cost was just under a thousand dollars. But I already had the sheet metal, too...
  11. i was talking to ryan at stang-aholics today he contacted dynacorn for me
    they told him coupe roof skins comming soon
  12. Well it was a bust on the roof i went after, they guy had two 67's but one had a sunroof and the other would have taken a couple hours of cutting trees just to get to, so I think I have another one lined up that I am going to go look at next week...in the mean time I found this video on youtube, this should be the same for a mustang right?
  13. nugget,
    I have a rust free, Nevada desert roof. Even though the shipping might be pricier, I think it would survive the trip to better with the whole structure, not to mention, I have no desire to cut spot welds.
    Let me know,
  14. If the one I have a line on doesn't turn out I might get with you...thanks!
  15. a cougar roof would be basically the same to replace, i am with gene his roof
    may be the way to go.just have to see what the shipping would be
  16. tried to open the pics but my system takes forever to open vmf gave up.
    hope it wasnt like the 67 fastback i am doing right now,the dude blasted the crap
    out of it,so bad that i cant even find the spot welds,needless to say he warped the
    shoot out of it.i have to replace every piece of sheet metal cutting it to small pieces
    to get it off.never never never let someone blast the outer sheet metal that says i think
    i can do it. dont know what grit the guy used but the metal looks like lowrider metal flake silver paint,he almost blasted through the rain guters the top of the roof looks
    like a baloon:puke:
  17. Haha...I ground out the drivers side rear with an angle grinder and flap disk with 80 grit and it was a little tough to locate the spot welds so I torched to other three seams...
  18. been there don that ,ah doing that what a pain in the butt
    did you find a roof skin?
  19. I have found a guy that has one but i havent had time to go look at it yet, he wants $150 for it...