68 Coupe Roof Replacement

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  1. if its half way decent thats a deal, i have been fighting this 67 fast back
    roof all day the dang thing dont want to let go ,some wise ass at ford
    spotwelded the crap out of it ,like every half inch the blaster whiped them
    out to were i cant find them,i have been working on just removing the roof
    for about 8 hours now. its only going to take about 30 minuets to put the
    new one back
  2. yea there was quite a few spot welds on mine too, the worst part was that they got a lot of them so far back on the lip it was hard to use the spot weld cutter and I had to use the cut off wheel on it. I went throught three of those double sided bits...
  3. i am on my third right now
  4. i got mine done. that was the hardest one i have ever done. if i would not have
    made my spott welder work again i would probably still be working on it. went
    with the dynacorn tail panel for 67 cougar lights,every thing fit fairly well.
    rolled the wheel lips for beter clearance IMG_1641.JPG IMG_1642.JPG IMG_1643.JPG IMG_1644.JPG IMG_1646.JPG
  5. my vinyl top rust extended to all the window frames down the quarter panel seam and into the trunk...the rust is probably a lot more extensive...much easier to scrap your body and start with a new rust free shell...that's what I did and its the best decision I made
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  6. it would have to be prety bad to scrap the body,there are so many sheet metal
    parts available now. a lot of the time a rotted top to is due to water working its way
    between the vynle top and the roof skin and will just rot the outer skin,if you are
    lucky. when the top if finaly replaced i would spray primer in every place possible.
    a pump up garden weed sprayer works well for getting in tight spots if you put a
    flexable hose on it
  7. well, I got my donor roof skin sitting on my car now, just got to clean up some of the surface rust and prime it so I can get it welded up, I'll get some pics of that up later, but I also finished up taking my cowl off today, and to my surprise, it's a lot more solid than I thought...


  8. Wow it's been awhile ,was wondering if you finished it.
  9. life seems to get in the way! haha... hopefully get it all welded back up before summer...