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  1. Hello everyone,

    New to this forum. I just picked up a 68 coupe with significant roof rot in the A Pillars and the area just over both doors towards the front (no damage from the middle of the roof to the back window). My question is....does the aftermarket fastback roofs hold the same contour on the front half of the roof as the coupes and coudl i get an aftermarket and use it to replace the front 1/2 of the roof of my coupe?

    Also, what are the advantages/problems with shaving the driprails? They are rusted through in several places as well.

    Thanks for your input.

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  2. if you are in california i have a 68 coupe roof you can have, it's in very good shape. the fromt of the fast back is the same about 8 -10 inches in then it slopes down .the sides are different
  3. I appreciate the offer, but I am pretty far away in Jacksonville, Florida. I would only need about the first 10 inches on the front part so its possible a fastback roof could be used as a patch panel. Thanks for the offer though.
  4. i will have new front window post in the next week or so that i will not be using
    i am not sure if Dynacorn has them seperate but you may try them. as for the drip rail it isnt made for the coupe but you may be able to use pieces from the new dynacorn drip rails for a fast back
  5. Hey send me a pic of the area you need. I have part of the roof off my donor 67, and live a little south of you.
  6. IMG_20130714_153625_203.jpg IMG_20130714_153631_837.jpg IMG_20130714_153656_419.jpg IMG_20130714_153707_939.jpg IMG_20130714_153718_510.jpg

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  7. rlross20,
    It sure looks like once you get into it, you'll likely need a whole roof, including at least the front pillar on either side of the windshield. If the floors are (amazingly) not also rotted, I would guess that car had a vinyl roof in the past. Vinyl tops, especially in Florida, are notorious for causing exactly the kind of rust, in exactly the locations you are experiencing. There is likely much, much more hiding under that paint. If I were in your shoes, I would strip that roof down to bare metal and remove the headliner to determine how bad it really is before looking for any replacement metal!
    Just My $.02,
  8. Horse,
    You're right about the extent of the damage. Not sure if it was a vinyl top or not, but it does need floorpans as well as the roof. Also needs the trunk corners (typical mustang rot area). The hood and trunk skins are in decent shape, but the support pieces in each have rot as well. Definitely going to be an extensive project. Need to repair some previous front end damage that wasn't fixed right the first time.
    Thanks for your $0.02. I will take any/all advice offered.
  9. Sorry mine doesn't look much better,but you're welcome to it, it is cut off already. PM me if you would like to come down and look at it. I live outside of Palatka

    Mine also has lots of rust, trying to replace the drivers side rocker at present. Just can't get it to line up right