'68 Dash VIN missing

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  1. Hey guys, I have a 68 coupe thats been in my family for several years. It was just given to me and I'm working on restoring it for the second time in its life.

    My question is, do all 68's have the VIN on the dash? Mine doesn't, I can't find it up there. The title's been clear since it was purchased and the other VIN's are correct. Please help, I don't want to invest too much money in this to not be able to register it properly.
  2. As far as I know, 68 was the first year that the vin had to be on the dash. They cannot be reproduced legally, so I don't know where you can find one.
  3. Did you look on the PASSENGER side? 68s were the only year that had the VIN on that side of the dash.
  4. Sometimes the dashpad covered them. These were rivited on and hard to remove accidently.
  5. Yea mine is missing too? I have never found it...
  6. A friend of mine has a 68 FB and it never had one but my Coupe does. I think some early production cars may not have had it on the dash.
  7. My 68 Fastback is a Nov 67 production and came with the C code 289. It has the vin tag.
  8. I haven't looked on the passenger side, and the dash pad could be covering it up. This is my second '68 coupe and neither one has had the dash vin visible....

    Could someone take a picture of theirs showing the location????
  9. I know they have a VIN tag. Mine did, though its was attached/I forgot about it and had my car dipped... Needless to say its not there. Then again my garage eats everything tools, parts you name it. Do you think we would get in trouble replacing them?? I mean i have all the correct paper work for it, Its not like i am going to make is something it's not, besides the fact it looks like a shelby.
  10. The replacement dash pad on my 68 has a notch near the drivers side corner against the windshield for the tag. I have the tag in a box somewhere, but it is not installed - it's barely readable anyway. I have never had a problem registering mine, even after dealing with an accident that totalled the car, becuase it is also listed on the door.

    Didn't we just have this discussion in another thread?

    Found it:http://forums.stangnet.com/showthread.php?t=680621
  11. That's what brought about my thread. I didn't wanna jack his...

    My dashpad doesn't have the notch near the windshield so it may be under there. I don't have the original driverside door on the car so that data plate VIN doesn't match the other VIN's on the car. I'm gonna have that one remade but I was curious about the dash VIN.
  12. This might interst you, I didn't know this so i did a serach to see if you could buy plates.

    Replace your worn or missing door plates. Marti Auto Works offers exact reproductions of door data plates for 50's, 60's and 70's Ford vehicles. Prices start at $25.00. They also reproduce Build Tags, Engine Tags and more. Original documentation may be required.

    Give Kevin Marti a call at (623)935-2558. Tell him you heard about them from the Mustang Secret Decoder web site.

  13. Well, I've been looking some more and I realized that the Repro Dash pad thats on there doesn't have the cut-out to view the dash VIN. Anyone know where I can find a dash pad for a '68 with that cut-out? All the mustang sites I've seen have the same pad for 67-68, no cut-out.
  14. First of all, ALL 68 Mustangs had a VIN tag on the passenger side. No exceptions. This is the legal VIN for a 68 Mustang - the door tags and engine compartment VINs are not the legal VINs.

    Secondly, NOBODY is reproducing these tags.

    There should be no need for a cutout in the dash pad. The tag is L-shaped, attaches to the metal dash under the dash pad and fits snugly against the window. If somebody pulled the dash pad and was careless when reinstalling it they could bend the tag over and cover it.

    In most states the only way to make this car "legal" would be to have that state issue a new VIN for that car and attach a tag with the new VIN to the car (after a VIN check to make sure that the car was not stolen).

    I know that I personally would never buy a 68-73 Mustang with a missing VIN tag. Too risky.
  15. Thats assuming the DMV even knows a 68 had one,and I am not convinced ALL 68's had them.
  16. Yeah, like I said, this is my second 68 and neither one of them have had the dash VINs.

    I haven't looked on this one yet, but on my old one it didn't even have rivet holes for a dash tag...

    I'll have to check with DMV about getting a new VIN if I find out this car HAS to have it on the dash. All the other numbers match the title, even the original door tag so it shouldn't be a problem to get this corrected. Plus it's been in my family since it was purchased... I even have the original bill of sale
  17. Ahh good point.
  18. Replacement VIN Plates and Production Build Sheets

    Marti Auto Works here in Arizona bought all of the build sheet information for 67-73 from Ford. Thanks to Ford's short-sightedness they destroyed the 64-66 data. They can provide you with the build sheet for your car if you are in the right years. Marti Auto Works is also licensed to make replacement VIN plates. Mine was unreadable so I had one made last year. It looks just like the original.:nice:

  19. Thanks!!! I'm giving them a call right now!
  20. Are you talking about the Door VIN plates or the Dash VIN plate??? I was under the impression that it is illegal to reproduce a Dash VIN plate....