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Discussion in 'Classic Mustangs For Sale' started by RenoFastback, Feb 19, 2013.

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  1. No motor, no trans. C-reg car, used to have a 289+ 3spd auto.
    CA car its whole life. NO RUST.
    One small, thin bit of bondo in the passenger quarter panel, you can see it in the pictures. Never hit hard, no front damage.
    Likely selling it to a longtime friend but I want to know what it's worth. He might not be able to afford it. 01.JPG 02.JPG 02.JPG photo03.JPG photo05.JPG photo06.JPG photo09.JPG

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  2. Where are you located? Reno, NV? Can you attach interior pics, bottom of the doors, rear of the car and trunk floor?
  3. Reno, NV. I've attached the ones I've got, I'll get the specific ones you mention later today when I'm over there.

    Trunk floor is like rest of car, no rust.

    Interior had a carpet kit put in a few years ago, then never driven. It's in good shape. Headliner needs to be replaced but it's not sagging badly or anything. When I did the carpet kit I replace the front short seats with Corbeau buckets.

    Door bottoms are like everything else, no rust. I've only got a close up of the drivers door front lower corner.

    I've also got a bunch of parts, I'll probably sell those separate. Koni shocks, Demon carb, Spin-tech exhaust, Meier leafs and subframe connectors, battery relocation kit, electric fan and some more odds and ends.

    The only real corrosion is the bottom of the battery box. 10-back.JPG 11-Door.JPG 12-Rocker.JPG 13-Inter.JPG

    Ford 9" rear end.
  4. Thank you.

    Any idea where you are one price? Ballpark figure?
  5. That's what I'm trying to figure out. What's it worth?
  6. I just sent you a private message..
  7. Some more pictures. Looks like back seat pic came in upsidedown. Sorry.

    Drivers door bottom is in fine shape, no holes. What might look like damage is mostly a worn door seal.
    Trunk is all solid. No rust.
    Back seat is in decent shape, fronts were bad. 21-rear quarter2.JPG 22-trunk2.JPG 23-back seat.JPG 24-door bottom2.JPG
  8. Thanks for the pics. Let me know what you think about my message...
  9. hi can you pm me your contact details
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