68 GT500KR Vert Restomod Project

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  1. Engine:
    STOCK 1970 429SCJ 4 bolt main
    The complete short block is original - Sat in my Dad's shop since it was new. Only replaced in the lower half was the bearings.
    Stock heads - D0OE-R Heads (Hardened seats, SS Valves, Bronze Valve Guides)
    Compcam Springs & Roller Rockers
    Custom Ground Roller Cam
    Compcam Roller Lifters
    APR Head Studs & Bolts
    Pro System 950 Carb
    FPA Headers
    Edlebrock RPM Air-Gap manifold & Water Pump
    March Serpentine Pulley Kit
    ATI Balancer
    Canton Oil Pan
    ICE Ignition System, Booster, & Distributor - It's a new product in the US coming over from Austrailia; supposed to be better than MSD and less money.

    3 inch Magnaflow Stainless Steel Exhaust
    FPA Custom Ceramic coated SCJ headers

    Performance Automatic C6 with a custom convertor.
    Aluminum driveshaft
    Strange 9" rear end 31 spline axles with 3.50.

    Rod & Custom Mustang II coil-over front end modified for better steering and handling.
    Rod & Custom Coil-over rear suspension
    Flaming River SS Tilt Steering Column with high beam switch
    TCP subframe connectors and cross brace.
    Front frame rails cut at shock tower and replaced with box steel front frame connecting to subframe connectors though the back half of the original frame rails and strengthed with steel tubing from the the firewall.

    Aerospace Components - 4 Wheel 12" Pro Street Disc Brakes
    JMC dual master cylinder

    1968 Mustang Painless replacement wiring system
    Painless accessory wiring system

    Stangaholics 1968 Shelby Fiberglass kit
    All body panels replaced where needed[Ford tooling panels when availble](rear qtrs, front fenders, complete floor pan, inner rockers, toe pans, seat riser, radiator support, rear valance, complete trunk, transition pan, and wheel housings)

    Paint will be Deep Yellow with Black side stripes, Silver with Black side stripes, or Pearl White with Toyota Nautical Blue Metalic shelby top and side stripes(Still haven't decided).
    Black cloth convertible top.

    Dakota Digital Dash with trans gear indicator and accessory gauges for the Shelby center console.
    Custom black leather interior over Pro-Car Ralley seats.
    Lecarra Steering wheel
    Saleen Light Bar
    Lokar pedal covers & gas pedal
    Lokar Shifter
    Power windows and door locks

    All brackets and accessories will be powder coated.
    Still haven't decided on the wheels yet.

    The car was baking soda blasted and 90% of the panel replacement is complete.

    The engine and fuel system is complete.

    The front suspension is in and the rear will be delivered next week.

    I've got a load of pictures on my car domain page:
  2. Updated With Pictures

    My guys are back on it tomorrow, should have a bunch of new pics soon.
  3. Sounds like an awesome project! I like everything you're doing with the exception of the digital gauges.

    Please keep us posted.
  4. I agree with Renato, the only other nit I can pick would be the 12" front brakes. All that effort and expense deserves bigger brakes IMO.

    Overall a killer project though, can't wait to watch the progress!
  5. Sounds great!

    Will the MII front end hold the weight of the 429?
  6. It's designed to hold the weight

    many other R&C MII guys are running a BBF.
  7. Bringing this thread back

    I'll have a load of more pictures in the next 3 weeks. Car should be off to the body shop for final prep & paint by Aug. 1st.
  8. I got some really strange pop-up garbage when I went to it...hmmm...worked this time..dunno..weird...

    Car is looking good though!!
  9. wait ... so you have a 68 GT500KR Convertible that you've modified and/or are planning to modify further??

    I am no sort of traditionalist or anything, but oh god ... I hurt inside thinking that you're doing such blasphemous things to such a wonderful car. It's my favorite mustang ever, and there were only 318 made! (themustangsource.com claims 518). either way, that's not too many.

    i have to go shed a few tears now
  10. It's a clone

    a very nice clone. I bought only the best parts. I would never do this to an original.
  11. Update

    • Transition Pan & Rear Tail Panel Frame Connector Are Installed
    • Truck Floor, Rear Seat, Wheel Housings, & Rear Qtrs are Next
    • Rod & Customs Rear Coilover system will be delivered this week.
    • Scat Rally Series 1000 Seats came in. Very comfortable.
    • Engine & Transmission should be going in after the rear sheetmetal is complete.
    • Strange Rear End and Axles are ordered.
  12. Rear Transition Pan Complete, Rear Seat Back Is Reinstalled, New Outer Seat Belt / Su


  13. Updates

    Finishing up the sheet metal, new rear quarters, creating new engine bay sheet metal, creating a mounting system for a custom Ron Davis Radiator; the default BBF Mustang one from then did not fit. Front and Rear coilover system installed. Fuel Tank Sump Installed. Everything finalized and seam welded.






  14. Where are the seats from? I like the look of em
  15. Procar Scat Seats
  16. Phew! I was with 68RustBucket ; my all-time favorite Mustang (and two older brothers either owned or drove a few as "Demonstrator Models" when selling Fords) is one particular KR 'vert that is VIRTUALLY UNRESTORED - exceptions are hardened valve seats, some re-stitched upholstery and a new top - that lives here in our town. A true survivor and a real stoplight assasin; I had the piviledge of riding shotgun when the owner shut it down -after grabbing 4th and letting the tires stop burning so the motorcycle cop could write out the $268.00 "Power Display" ticket during a car show poker run.

    I know, I know.... everybody loves the Lima engines. But a 428SCJ.... talk about the grunt and romp :drool:

    Ain't nothin' like a KR 'vert :nice: