68 GT500KR Vert Restomod Project

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  1. That should work great but put two bolt per side so that the bar does not move on you. I would hate to see it pivot and screw up your interior panels.
  2. 3/14/2009 - I got the tires mounted on the rims today and back on the car. Fitment looks really good as is.





  3. Finally getting back to the car after finishing up my project at work and the semester working on my masters degree.

    The front suspension and engine/trans installation will be started next week, followed by the installation of the exhaust system and the engine compartment panels.

    Hope to have the car to the body shop by June.
  4. Well as usual the shops take longer than they say to get you in and started. The Car is down there waiting, but Kris has started the rendering:



    What do you guys think of the draft? The color is not final and the tailpanel / gas cap are getting changed, but Kris just started and already I think it looks cool..
  5. It looks cool, REALLY cool in fact, but I'm wondering about the super-thin windshield frame. That is structural on the old cars, assuming you are keeping the inner part of the unibody intact of course.
  6. renderings are not always perfect matches, so some things are slightly different then the final car. The windsheild frame will not change from stock. Actually the window frame should have the stainless steel coversing around it. I'll bring that up to him.
  7. Quality work by Kris! Looking at the front am I the only one getting a Studebaker vibe? Just a tad too much fish mouth for me. Hood, YES!
    Sidelines and wheel openings really work!
    Rear, the spoiler edge seems a bit overstated?
    Just my 2c, looking forward to more renderings! :nice:
  8. This looks like its going to be a cool project. I agree though that the digital gauges don't go with a classic car. I look forward to seeing more pictures and its progress. Having that big block is going to be awesome!!

    In that rendering, it would look much better if the chin spoiler was thinner. I'm not really a fan of the chin spoilers until 69-70. But if that one was thinner it would flow with the sides of the car better.
  9. [​IMG]

    Getting Closer
  10. Like that 10X's better. Looks like a real car. Not sure what made the other look "off" though.
  11. [​IMG]

    So my thoughts on color are Silver, Red, or Blue - with corresponding Shelby stripes.
  12. Check these out, someone on one of the other mustang site add some different colors, some are a little crazy:
  13. I kinda like the 2nd from the bottom myself. Never was a big fan of those hoods though...

    Going to be a cool ride!
  14. We installed the TCP subframe connectors / x-frame, had to tweak the rear setup, and the engine / trans should be going in next.


  15. Rendering Updates:

    Project Updates:
    My neighbor Chris as been helping me fix all the mistake that ### Racing made when they were working on the car and they made a bunch!

    * Mounted the subframe connecters - things were a little off as happened with old cars - Chris got it looking good. He welded the frame up real nice. :)

    * Had to remove the upper brackets on the rear suspenion - the previous guy welded in the front bar about 2" off to the drivers side; making the rear off to that side too. We cut the old brackets and welded in new ones. Also the previous idiot welded the rear sway bars brackets in backwards. We had to cut the old ones out and weld in new ones.

    * Making a new transmission bracket.

    * Getting the engine mounts in place and the steering system completed.

  16. 25768760162_large.jpg




    UPDATE: engine was installed and taken back out for final tweaks and to finish weldinging the MII front-end and the rest of the suspension setup.

    Winter is slowing everything down.
  17. the front end and back of the renderings are getting better and better. nice.
  18. 25768760180_large.jpg

    Order the new drive shaft - this was the original one; about an inch short.

    The exhaust is being finalized.

    the final rendering are being completed now.
  19. 25768760184_large.jpg

    He's redoing the final rendering a better angles, but it's basically done. The silver pinstripes will be thinner on the real car, but it wouldn't show up on the rendering.

  20. I think I liked it better with the stripes running through the tail light panel.