Progress Thread 68 Gt500kr Vert - Take Two

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  1. when you get to the front fiberglass give me a yell and i can give you some pointers on fitting it .i have done 4 of them now .they are fairly simple if you start off right . 7711-1330987113-d4b055e6447cd58add6fe2448a3142fc.jpg
  2. Thanks, I think that will start next week or a little later. Any tips would be great.

    We were talking about the rear tail panel and trying to figure out how to keep the water out if it rained, I didn't know where to get the block off plates that came with the original Shelby - took a few hours of searching the internet and several times looking at the cobranda site to finally find them. So that's one more problem down - I noticed how many people just leave the holes back there or are now using the flat LED panels that don't requirement the holes.

    I'm so happy it's getting closer! It will be 10 years in the beginning of June - I bought it 2 weeks before my oldest son was born.

    I want it completely done for the 50th - I think I'm going to take it down to charlotte - only a few hours south of me - for the celebration - will also hit Carlisle, PA in June.

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  3. Driver rear side ground effects done - so we figured out I need to modify the left side FuelSafe cell now that I fit the dual 3" exhaust tips - never realized the fuel tank isn't centered. I need to cut out the left hand side a little to clear the tip and tig in a new piece of aluminum. I guess that's the price of custom body change.

    The front frame rails are gone! doing them over again, weren't done right the first time - They checked them - they were a 1/4 inch higher on one side than the other - I could tell just looking them them, they checked with a level - I have a weird eye for that.

  4. Front Frame Rails in process of being repaired:
  5. The front frame rails have been replace from the suspension point forward, radiator support is in place and the upper fender support sheet metal is in place. The engine compartment panels need a little fitting and should be done soon. The Mustangs to Fear sheet metal was pretty good, few issues, but not bad.

    I measured out the new radiator and sent Ron Davis the drawings for a custom build, 4 weeks to build, should look sweet!

    I order Shelby fiberglass hood springs from Cobranda - they did not work, way to strong, will be ordering Ring Brothers Air Frame Hood Hinges instead.

    The engine is coming out next to finish up the firewall smoothing and fill in the cowl vents. Not long till it's in primer. Decided to paint the entire car red, even the engine compartment, it's easier on the painter to do one color - I didn't care.

    Also need to modify the fuel cell, it's in the way of the exhaust tips, found a local guy to do some welding and fitting - need to quote still. I'm hoping it's not a issue to notch the cell - since it's just a plastic liner inside I hope it doesn't cause an issue to just allow the liner to be a little crushed when put back in the tank?

    Also going to ask him to flowjet a different convertible plate - had to add spacers to it for the 3" exhaust to fit, I don't like it, asking him for a quote to make me one like the Hotchkis plate - maybe cut out GT500KR where Hotchkis is on the sample.









  6. Mustangs To Fear sheet metal is almost done - cowl panels, heater box, inner fender replacements.

    Smoothing the entire firewall - opening up the radiator support to fit the new radiator. Figuring out what holes stay and what ones go. Need to run the gas, brakes, engine wires, light wires, steering, and ignition wires. The rest get closed up.

  7. Went down to check on the car today

    - the guy working on mine has been out sick the last week - no progress.
    - dropped off some more parts
    - talked to the owner
    - most of the body work is done
    - he's going to put the car on the rotisserie soon and then get a bunch of suspension, brackets, engine, and other parts together to drop off at the powder coaters, also getting the headers and extensions to X-pipe ceramic coated, most likely the oil pan and intake too
    - the Canton pan's coating eroded away and the intake manifold was powder coated - but some spilled gas ruined the coating.
    - found a local place that can do all of the coating, took a long time to find someone other than JetHot to do it, I just don't want to ship it all out

    Having a Fab guy come by the house in a little while to talk about building a new convertible support plate - making it drop instead of being flat to clear the exhaust.
  8. The car has been stripped and will be getting primed this week. Need to pickup all the suspension parts and engine parts to get coated.

    The new Center Support Plate has been designed - will be built soon. He's also going to cut out "SHELBY" on the sides of the plate.

    From this:

    To This:
  9. The car is back apart - final fitment and block sanding before primer. Parts are off for coatings. The custom support plate and Y subframe have been complete and fit. The guys is working on finishing up the welds and adding support brackets to strengthen it; it came out awesome!

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  10. here's the update:
    * Finally got Ron Davis to design, build, and ship the Radiator - it's a month late - I ordered it in December, was told they'd have it to me by the 1st week of Feb because they were behind - it just shipped yesterday after many phone calls from them promising it was being built and shipped every day for the last two weeks. Will be here next Weds.
    * Ordered the Hydra Tech Brake Booster - shipped them my CNC master cylinder to machine and fit. Will be here in 2-3 weeks.
    * Dropped off the parts to be ceramic and powder coats last Monday, should be done next week.
    * My Summit parts order came in in two days - new intake, exhaust, and oil pan gaskets. Needed for the parts I pulled off the engine to have coated. Also ordered a nice billet Ignition Wire Loom.
    * Custom center plate and Y subframe component is done and delivered - the guy did a amazing job. He spent way more hours fine tuning and fitting it to the car then I expected.
    * The driver's side interior engine compartment panel is installed. Body guy just has a little more clean up on the front end then it goes into the booth for primer.
    * I should have all the parts in for the engine by next weekend, so I want to paint and assemble the engine & trans completely at that point.

    If anyone needs a convertible center plate that supports up to a 3" exhaust or would like something custom - my guy has the cad design and template done: or
    He does absolutely amazing custom work at a great price.


  11. I have looked into those CNC plasma tables , I WANT ONE ! the things you can make are amazing . You can even cut out a picture. The one i was looking at was Plasma Cam. You could start your own business .
  12. The Ron Davis Radiator has finally come in - order it in December, was promised for 1st week of Feb. The Fuel System has come in too.

  13. All of those expensive parts seem to be building up on you ...send them over here and i will store them for you;)
  14. you ain't kidding - none of this stuff is cheap if you do it right. Once you start building to a certain quality you can't slack off on other parts. Everything on this car is high end.
  15. I would think there is a good market fort those center plates. I wanted to run a magnaflow stainless on my 66 vert but did not want to put spacers on and ended up going an oem type exhaust to fit. The dimensions are good for 65-70. I will definitely remember this on next build. Looks great.
  16. That was my thought, I was looking for one, couldn't find it, so I had it built - he has the design now, not sure what he will charge now that the design is done.

    Contact Anthony if you want anything, he does great work and is a great guy to work wth - or

  17. I think I have almost all the parts now, Hydratech brake system came in, new brake lines, battery cables, battery, battery tray, all the cooling system parts, bunch of little stuff - which all adds up to a lot of money.

    The car is mostly in one color now, few more tweaks - finishing raising the fuel cell up to clear the exhaust, few more holes on he firewall to close up, then block sanding by the end of the week, should have color by the end of next week. Viper Red with Pearl Shelby Lemans and side stripes.

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  18. Wow ! Lots of progress in such a short time this time .Looks like you found the right guy . Can't wait to see it in color :nice:
  19. went today to drop off a check - the firewall has been filled and smoothed - looks good - he's rolling.
  20. I'm debating if I should use the classic Lemans and GT500KR Stripes I have or go with the Super Snake badging & Stripes? I'm kind of leaning towards the Super Snake just to be different.