'68 K Code

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  1. Looking for some insight into this block, it's got a C8OE-6015A casting, with 302 in the lifter valley, a 1/4/68
    date code and a "K" VIN. Any info would be appreciated.

    In 1968 the 302's would have an "F" or a "J" ?????

    IMG_4891[1].JPG IMG_4887[1].JPG
  2. never heard of a 68 K code .could be a service block. does it have the larger main caps?
  3. That's what's weird. The caps are regular, not the wider ones like on a Mexican block.
  4. Isn't the K code the very rare only 500 made nascar motor? I was just reading up on engine codes last night...I'll check my books when I get home from work so that I can back up what I'm saying lol.
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  5. The K you see in the partial VIN identifies the assembly plant for the car in which the block was originally installed. K = Kansas City. I found the answer in another forum.
  6. It was z code that I was thinking. Sorry for the confusion!

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