'68 Mustang 289 Coupe, $4,400

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  1. 1968 Mustang C Code Coupe
    289 V-8
    C4 Automatic Transmission

    Edelbrock 4bbl Carb
    Edelbrock Performer RPM Intake Manifold
    Hedman long tube headers
    New Shelby side-exit exhaust
    New Distributor
    New Points
    New upper/lower radiator hoses
    New battery
    New front suspension/ball joints
    New power steering
    New reproduction steering wheel
    New headliner and install kit (included with sale but not installed yet)

    The car is in good running and driving condition. It was my daily driver to school/work for almost 6 months and it has never let me down. It will run a little warm if you sit in traffic on a hot day but its not real bad. (the car probably just needs a fan shroud, its a cheap fix but I haven't gotten to it yet) The headlights, bright/dim switch, turn signals, hazard lights, dome light, tail lights, and brake lights are all in good working order. The turn signals in the hood vents even still work. The blower motor and heater work. The wipers work. The reverse lights do not work but that is the only electrical fault in the car. I recently pulled out all of the gauges and cleaned the faces, repainted the needles, and polished the bezels. I replaced the lights in the gauge cluster and rewired the factory gauges to a solid state voltage regulator. All of the gauges work and look great now and they are BRIGHT at night. (most other 60s Mustangs Ive seen you just about need a flashlight to read the factory gauges at night). I also took apart the taillight buckets, repainted the insides of them and replaced the bulbs. They too are BRIGHT as new at night. (another common problem on older Mustangs that make them dangerous at night) I installed a brand new reproduction walnut steering wheel and it looks great. I also cleaned and redyed the steering column, sun visors, interior quarter panels, and the door panels. The seats are in very good shape. (I used to restore car interiors for a living, this isn't some wal-mart hack job) I recently replaced the battery, flushed the cooling system, changed the oil w/ Royal Purple 10w/30, tuned the carb, set the timing, and cleaned the plugs. The engine runs great, it always fires right up and it makes great power. As far as I know it is the original 289 but I don't know if it has ever been rebuilt or not. I was planning on rebuilding it just for peace of mind but you could probably keep driving it for several years. The transmission is in good shape and it shifts smoothly through all the gears with no problems. The steering and suspension are in good shape and it tracks straight down the road. This car has no problem tearing around on the back roads or cruising on the interstate at 70mph.


    Carpet, inner door panels, arm rests, radio/speakers, dash pad, and paint. Also needs to have the headliner installed (new headliner/install kit included w/sale) Also needs tires to replace the ugly 90's mustang wheels that are on the back right now. I have 2 original GT wheels to match the ones on the front but I don't have tires for them. I also have 2 GT center caps, 4 regular center caps, and 1 Magnum 500 wheel/tire that will go along with the sale.

    The body is in great shape. There is a small spot of rust on the bottom of the drivers door and an even smaller one on the bottom of the passenger door and there is a small dent near the back of the driver side 1/4 panel. Other than that the body panels are all straight and clean and they just need to be sanded down for paint. The trunk and floor pans are solid. The condition of the body was really the main thing that made me buy this car in the first place. Its not like a lot of the other rusted out hulks on craigslist. I have done my best to be open and honest in describing this Mustang but it is a 44 year old car so I am selling it in "as is" condition.

    NOT INTERESTED IN ANY TRADES! I have put A LOT of work into this car and I really hate to sell it but I need money to finish my last semester of college. The car will be sold with a bill of sale. (a title is not required for cars this old in Georgia. I looked it up with the DMV and they told me it hadn't been titled since 1982) If you would like to come look at the car I would be glad to take you for a ride in it. (The car is insured and has a current tag on it but my insurance wont cover you out on the open road) Call me at 404-717-5856 if you have any questions, my name is PJ. Thanks for looking.
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  2. Still for sale?
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