68 mustang coupe /2JZ turbo swap

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  1. I think its great. Just another way to modernize a classic in my opinion.

    I had a customer that was seriously considering doing this swap and asked how we felt about it and told him the same thing.

    whatever you do to keep classics on the road within your own budget is a good idea no matter what drive train.:nice:
  2. From the pictures it looks like you have notched out the rear frame rails between the torque boxes and tire centerline. If this is how you have done it you made a huge weak spot in the inubody and you will get all kinds of bending and twisting. Not to mention making the car unsafe to be driving on the road. I do like your imagination though.
  3. just because a part is made in china doesn't mean it is distributed there, i bet he didn't import the engine and drive train and suspension NEW from Japan, unless corrected by the OP i would think those are used. found locally in thailand, buying from aussieland would still be importing with tons of taxes and the like.

    i like your idea keep the pics going i'de like to see this thing get sideways : ).
  4. well, as far as replacament parts, there is no difference between japan and australia, besides australia exports its cars as well to a variety of countires(unfortunately the falcon is evidently unable to be ported to left hand dive, so it ill never come here, unlike the monaro(err, GTO)
  5. it's always nice to american classic cars in southeast asia especially bangkok and laos 'cause that's where i'm from. i'm not a big fan of import power plant in a mustang, i don't think he can just drive down the street to pick up a ford v-8 parts for the price we get here in the u.s. he just work with what he got it's seem like a great project, best of all it's unique so keep it coming like to see more pic.:nice::flag:
  6. just put a "FORD" sticker on it. I work at a Ford plant in Windsor,Canada. No matter where the part is made,US,India,Mexico,or here,the sticker makes it a "Ford" part so it has to be good.Right? No? Maybe? Well the sticker says Ford.
  7. I applaud the creativity, and agree, seeing as where it is located, that's a reasonable power plant. And, I like it better than any GM 'engine'.
    I really don't like GM.......
  8. The rear IRS is suspension is from Toyota Aristo(aka: Lexus GS400)


    Here how they fit the IRS to the car.
    This thin sheet metal is just for mock up though, actual piece is a thick unit.

  9. cool dude, was the right size or was there some fitment to do?
  10. Front IFS swap. Here we go.
    A lot of cutting and welding is involve.


  11. The front clip is aluminium and come with disc brake and rack&pinnion.

    The front adj. coil over is TEIN units.

  12. Prep and paint.



  13. Wow that suspension is really awesome!

    Did the toyota stuff all slot in easily? All the widths are good??
  14. The track width is about 2 inch wider. So stock mustang wheel fitment will be a problem. However the 94 and up Mustang wheels will fit perfectly, they have the similar PCD(114.3) and backspace as Toyota.

    The owner test drive it on freeway last month and said that it run great. The only concern now is the body flex under race condition. I think that the full roll cage will help stiffen the body by a bit. Will know for sure how well it perform when we race it on the track, though.

  15. nice work! I thought I was out of the box when I cut the body off a 95 T-bird and put the 67 fastback body on top. I like that it is not your typical mustang II front, coil overs in back and standard SB or BB.Nice creativity and using what you got. HOWEVER, it does not sit well with most Ford/mustang people to use an Asian car/parts on these.Love the work,craftsmanship,and idea, not crazy about the make of parts. But, customer is king,and money talks. Like to see it finished.
  16. just dont put a gigantic aluminum wing, APC & NOS stickers and cheesy ricer graffics all over it. i dont mind the motor as long as it still looks like classic muscle. my buddy neal has a 94 stock twins & 97 single 66mm supra. he would love to take a ride in this car :nice:
  17. I think it's freaken sweet, not much for asian parts in a mustang, but the idea is there and it still looks like a stang on the outside. I have done some crazy swaps simply because I needed the car running and no money. Looks good.

  18. Although I like seeing interesting engine swaps, I personally think that import motors have no place in a classic Mustang. So thumbs down.

  19. > Hi, Y'all,

    I think it's a bad idea to put IMPORTED engine on Mustang.....

    ..... It's bad 'cuz I should have done the same myself ...but I didn't....

    and that is ..... bad !

    Classic on the outside....modernized stuff on the inside.....is just a right attitude for Bangkok.

    Why not...

    'Cuz you don't have the corner muscle parts store like PAW in Chatsworth... or overnite Mailing house Summit...there.

    So you make do...whatever suit....

    But hey, .... Supra's sus on Mustang ain't bad... it fact it may beat the shi... out of old classic...any brands.

    There is a plan to get a rumbling - drifting race ... on for this J-Mustang vs. the below car....


    your betting money going to which one now.... ?