68 Mustang Front Driver Side Sags... Any Suggestions?

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  1. Hey everyone. New to the site. Tried to access the FAQs and did a search on this topic but did not find anything concrete.

    Anyway, here is my situation:

    I have a 68 coupe resto mod. I have done the following since buying it about a year ago:

    Fixed core support as it was damaged
    dropped in new motor and trans
    installed a Hotchkis TVS system

    Problem: The front driver side of the car sags a little bit, about 1". It was doing this BEFORE I installed the new suspension system but it was NOT doing this before the core support was fixed or motor was dropped in. I thought the main culprit were the old springs and the new suspension would fix it. Long story short, installed the new system and it still sags. I have compared all the bushings from the control arms looked all over both sides of the torque boxes, spring saddles and everything looks identical to the passenger side. I do not see any bends, missing or damaged rubber bushings, etc. Any thoughts or ideas? Is this a typical symptom of an aging unibody?
  2. How is the door to fender alignment ? Tight at the top and wide at the bottom would indicate the frame rail is high on that side .Was there any front end damage at any time . Just a slight bend ,one you cant see ,will throw things off in a frame rails length.
  3. Hi, Horse Sence.

    there was front end damage when I bought the car. But the car sat level. I had to get the core support worked on, then I dropped in a new motor and trans and now a suspension. The car squats about a half an inch in the front driver side ever since the core support and motor was dropped in. I thought the suspension upgrade would correct it but it did not. Something tells me the core support work when all buttoned up did not work out correct. Its only a half an inch though.. there has got to be a good solid fix.. a good shim perhaps in the spring well or???
  4. I ask myself this question often: Do you want it right, or do you want it cheap?
    My '64 pickup shows the answer has been cheap for the past 10 years or so. It's a cobbled together collection of parts that would make Johnny Cash's assembly line worker proud. It works, but it's quirky, and not real showy. A jalopy for sure.

    It sounds as though the car is bent slightly on the driver's side from the front end damage. Fixing it right would require a great deal of disassembly and careful measurement, and some cutting and rewelding.
    Fixing it cheap would be a shim on the spring. It will probably work, but, it'll be jalopified.
  5. what you should do is level the car through the doors and down the top of the rockers and then level across the very front of the front frame rails ,use jack stands .If the rail is bent it will show as off level.
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