68 Qcode 351cj Into A 90 Mustang

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  1. Has anyone done this? I found the mentioned motor in the garage while cleaning up, came out of a 68 Sport GT if I remember right. Think I pulled it about 15 years ago :)
  2. People have done every possible engine in a fox that can be done, including a cleveland. There are really cool swap headers out there that have 4 primaries coming into the collector side by side, flat against the floor.

    A Cleveland has outlived it's glory days. When a Windsor was a dog because you had no head options,..the Cleveland was the obvious choice for power.

    All that changed in 1990.

    If I recall correctly,..a CJ was the weakest of the Cleveland offerings, smogged up, w/ low compression,.....not gonna set the world on fire by no stretch.

    Q 351 CJ (much less common)
    The May 1971 / - 1972 Q-code Version (351-Cobra Jet, 266 HP) was a low-compression 4V variant employing a cast-iron intake manifold (with telltale spread-bore carburetor flange), special camshaft, hydraulic lifters, dual-point distributor, 4-bolt main caps. A small number of late 1971 351C-4V engines were actually low-compression 351-CJ engines, and were equipped with an aluminum intake manifold.

    Q 351 CJ (much less common)
    The 1973 & 1974 Q-code Version (351-Cobra-Jet, 246 HP) was essentially the same as the 1972 351CJ though with two important differences: Camshaft timing was retarded by four degrees; cylinder heads- though still with large 4V ports - were fitted with smaller valves (2.04" Intake / 1.65" Exhaust), same as used in 351C-2V.
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  3. 40 year old technology and heads that are meant to run on leaded fuel. If you are dead set on the motor you'll spend more money on special headers, oil pan, and installing hardened seats in the heads for unleaded gas than just finding a cheap JY explorer engine that will easily make 260-270 hp with a simple valve spring and cam swap.
  4. Think I pulled it about 15 years ago :)[/quote]

    Just realized it was out of a Red Two Door Torino GT , The Starsky& Hutch lookalike. I changed the spreadbore intake for Square mount intake. I was building this up for Nascar Charger car around 92. It was going to go into a Fox Body Two door coupe style Fairmont. Then I had a heart attack and everything changed.

    It has 11 to 1 heads using flathead Keith Black pistons and I remember setting up the rods for floater wrist pins. Haven't found the rods yet but I know they are here somewhere. Valves were unshrouded in the block stock from ford.

    The intake ports on this thing look almost big enough to fall into.

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  5. Not dead set on it at all.
  6. I've always loved '70s Torinos. Nerd alert: the above Torino is not a proper S&H car. The show and the movie used post- '74 cars, which had the bigger bumpers and slightly revised styling.