69-70 Boss 302 Flywheel For Sale

Discussion in 'Drivetrain Parts' started by fastang67, Jul 1, 2012.

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  1. Used BOSS 302 Flywheel. Gear teeth are in great condition. I don't believe the surface has ever been cut, but I can't say for sure. PN C9ZE-6375C. Also stamped C9ZE-C elsewhere. Date codes R...A...O...LD I do not know what they mean. It has some minor surface corrosion and hair line cracks or checking. I believe these can be removed with a resurfacing. I did my best to get everything in the photos, but if you have more questions just ask! It was bead blasted and coated in a anti-corrosive treatment for storage, hence its yellowish appearance. It can be cleaned off.

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  2. You forgot to list what you're asking for it.
  3. Sorry, Buy it now for 325 or bid on it and hope to get it for less.
  4. It's Item # 160833604737 on E-bay. I'm terribly sorry I forgot to state that. The photo didn't upload with the listing.
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