69-70 Owners...Need Feedback: Center Bezel Made for CD Player

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  1. I wish someone could fab up one for a 67/68 (hint) (hint)
  2. I'm going to be borrowing a fellow Stangnet'ers center bezel to give to Jeff to get the specs. If you guys are willing to remove your AC switches and all that good stuff below the radio, it's definitely feasible to fab up the bezel so two or three 2 1/16" Autometer gauges or whatever you decide can be mounted there.

    For all you guys with the AC vents in the dash or are brave enough to cut into a stock dash, I'm going to be taking out my center vent and giving Jeff the specs to get a gauge panel into that center vent right there. Take a look at Pops Boskovich's red Boss 429 (with the 427 SOHC) if you'd like to see what that looks like. Two 2 1/16" gauges will easily fit into there.

  3. wait what if i have ac and i dont want any guages and want to keep my controls, is he makin one like that?
  4. That's what was originally planned. Pretty sure a bunch of you guys saw my friend's center gauge bezel for his Talon and thought it would be a good idea for gauges.

    I'm not too sure I want to be getting rid of all the stuff in that area under the radio especially because it'll be a PITA to clear it all out. I've already had some experience trying to get the fan to work and it wasn't too pretty regarding a few clearance issues. Besides, that stuff looks cool in the car anyway.

  5. Yeah, because i want to still have the ac controlls but be able to have the radio too, maybe get a count for each design????
  6. Instrument bezel as in where the speedo is? What do you have in mind?

  7. I'll be interested in one as well. ;)
  8. Thats It!!

    Thats what I had in mind. Similar to the JME part but made from sheetmetal. Room for speedo and Tach in the center, with maybe 4 smaller guages outside. Look at the JME part for the configuration. I have an extra bezel I could send for the screw hole pattern and size measurements. Let me know what you think.
  9. That would be interesting, but it would be flat for the most part.


    The JME dash retains the stock look with the compatibility of using Autometer gauges and having a few extra gauges. Is the flat, sheetmetal, NASCAR-esque type dash that bolts into the stock location what you had in mind?


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  10. Yes..a flat nascar type is what I'm thinking. As long as it will attach in the stock location in the stock manner.
  11. *Just a little update for all those interested*

    I received the old, faded bezel from Clark in the mail on Monday and I talked to Jeff and we'll be meeting up probably Monday, after the holiday weekend, so he can take delivery of the bezel and get to work on it. I'll also be giving him the measurements of the center A/C vent in the dash to get a gauge pod in there.

    More updates to come. Feel free to PM me, contact me on AIM, or post here for any questions, comments, rants, and raves.

  12. what would all u guys and gals think if he could tilt the gauges a little to us the driver????? IF there was the room behind there
  13. I'm picking up the part tonight, hopefully if I have time this weekend I have have the design done by early next week nad send it to my metal houses for quotes. I was looking at the Dash bezel and that will be almost impossible to do in sheet metal and have the same rounded edges as one part. But I can make it a two piece part, one flat with all the guages for autometer size gauges and another that will be a thicker metal that loops around the flat piece. This part will cost quiet a bit due to the extra processes but should still be cheaper then 400 bucks like others are charging. The only bad part about this is the cost. Not just the cost of this part, but also that of the gauges as well. The more people I can get that will actually get the part the cheap it will be. Same goes for the intial part that I'll be making for u guys.

    If there is interest in the dash bezel (over 10) then I'll look into getting the part. And also for those interested in other years but have simular parts, please email me a pic of the unit you want to get custom made and I will get back to u and see if I can make it for the cheaper then the retail market. If you are going to email me a picture or have any question, please add in the title of the email that u are from this forum, otherwise I might see it as junk mail and delete ur email. I don't want that to happen.

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  14. Can someone please post or email me a picture of how the stock unit looks in the car with the AC controls? Closer the better.

    Jeff S
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  15. Here is my update.

    The main design is finished. All the numbers are in. Problems, the edges are flat, if I hem (roll over) the edges, it will look alot clear but the bottom corners won't be clean. I can also fillet (radius) the edges to give a smother look through out the entire part.

    I'm currently working on the setup with 2 guages setup. This parts is a lil more difficult since there are viewing angles and shifter interferance to factor in.

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  16. did you guys ever have any luck with those?
  17. :rolleyes: me too :nice:
  18. allright, I started making 1 today out of 16 guage mild steel. made the template, took it to the sheet metal shop, they are going to bend and sheer where I want... total cost $16.00
  19. Email me when you're done, I'll definitely want one. Also, the JME gauge cluster isn't $400, it's $1200!! (with the gauges).

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  20. :shrug: Has anyone considered the depth for mounting a Cd player?
    It looks like how i changed mine. :D
    But when I mounted mine in the unit does'nt go far enough in to mount flush
    like the stock radio did.
    Still took some fabing on the mounting. :bang: