69-70 Owners...Need Feedback: Center Bezel Made for CD Player

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by Mustang1969, Jun 23, 2003.

  1. I'd be in for one.... I was going to get the alloy one, untill I saw it was 300 !!!! OUCH.
    ( 150 i could see, but 300... hell no )


  2. Yeah, it's 1200.00 if he ever makes the things. It has been like two years since he said they were going to be in production.

  3. Has anyone finnished a bezzel for the radio / cd?
    How about the flat nascar style dash??

  4. Id be up for one..
    But if he could make the main gauge panel that would be even better.
    JME is supposed to have had theirs out last year but its still not available...Its also pretty pricey...But us 69ers dont have much choice..
  5. Put me on the list

    I would be interested in the radio bezel too, but i still want to keep my vent/fan controls down below. My email is [email protected]

    For people who want more gauges. Would it be possible to fab a gauge cluster for the A-pillar?
  6. This could be a problem. Is a new unit deeper than the older ones? By how much?
  7. Has there been any update on the Main Gauge Bezel for the dash and also the aftermarket radio bezel?
  8. So whats going on with this project. Looks like everything was going gung ho and then just ran out of steam. Did these get built or not.
  9. I'm certain there is enough interest. Just about every '69/70 owner has been chomping at the bit to replace/improve these items...
  10. Any update yet? Please respond as I am very interested in the dash bezel and the radio bezel.
  11. If you end up finding or getting some custom pieces made to put a in-dash cd player, i am very interested. I have a 68 mustang with a console.
    e-mail me: [email protected]
  12. Bringing this back to the top and adding my e-mail address.

    Let me know about the radio bezel and the gauge bezel.

    [email protected]
  13. Yeah, sorry guys. The project has kinda lost steam. Interest has gone different ways as of late. I'll see what I can do about possibly getting something going again. I'm sure we could probably get something made out of polished aluminum, but I don't even have the radio bezel from when the car got stolen a few years ago.
  14. I can send you mine if you want, I am not using it right now. Also I have a spare dash gauge bezel if you need that for dimensions.
  15. To the top with this one. Is anyone still working on this or have items been made yet?
  16. Back in the late 80's when my '69 was my daily driver, my parents bought me a Kenwood pull out stereo. So, I made my own faceplate using an old stock radio faceplate. After measuring, I started by sanding the sides of the stock faceplate and fiberglassing the sides. Once I had sufficient material on the sides, I used my dremel tool to sand away all the plastic from inside until the pull out can would fit inside. When complete, I painted it black. I did not use my deluxe/woodgrain bezel as I could not justify modifying that piece. This part has held up well and looks awesome with the Stereo installed. When my car goes back together, the old Kenwood (with a tape deck) may go back in or I may get a CD version to replace it with. All in all, it was simple to do, just took a little work.

  17. got any pics?

  18. I am looking more for a gauge bezel then the radio one.