'69 Cougar in SuperRod

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  1. This month’s SuperRod Magazine has a radical ’69 Cougar convertible.
    I always say I like different & this is a prefect example.
    I thought I’d share it with any of you who may aslo like it.
  2. Gnarly!!!!

    And Indian Fire!!!!
  3. i wouldnt mind a cougar.
  4. that one is a little over the top for me and i love 69/70 cougars. mine will hopefully be a pretty cool G-machine when it's done but not like that thing.
  5. :stupid:
    All I can say is "Cat's can't run with their bellies draggin' in the weeds"

    The "big wheels" don't do a lot for me, either. I'm looking at 16's or 17's all around on the '73 (to clear the brakes I want to put on her); but any bigger than that and I'd be looking for a "DUB CITY" sticker! :nonono:

    To each their own though... :shrug:
  6. X2 :nice: I would love to have it any way!!!