69 Dynacorn body...

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  1. I am seriously thinking about building a restomod using the 69 Dynacorn body. Once I get my 70 Q Code Mach 1 finished I would like to have something I would not be afraid to drive every day. I could see using a more modern suspension, maybe a 03-04 Terminator engine and trans. Would even consider a fiberglass front clip. How about a Boss 429 clone (I had a black jade Boss 429 when I was a kid)? Use a 514 shortblock with Kasse heads. The possibilities are endless...
  2. Has Dynacorn released the '69 FB body yet?

    I think '69 FB's are cool and all; but if I had that kind of dough to play with; I'd go for the '67 FB shell - it's my personal favorite body style :shrug:
  3. If I ever fall ass backwards into some money, you guys will have me pestering you constantly when I build one of the Dynacorn cars. I also want to build a Dynacorn 67 Camaro with an LSx based engine, T-56, and IRS that I can use as a daily driver.
  4. Well, when that happens to both of us, you'll just have to come "out west" for some cruisin'!
    Maybe a little time at some track that's flat, straight and barely over 1/2-mile long (including shutdown area).

    I wonder how an LS1 and a "pre-'96" fuel- injected aloooominyum Tod Buttermore Cleveland block would match up??? :D
  5. A boss 429 clone with a modern suspension and a 5.4L blown shelby motor would be real nice.
  6. He's gotta get them cast first. :)
  7. Very true. Tod solved the machine-work problem by hocking his arms, legs, testes, and a few grandchildren to build up his own machine shop; and the foundary balks. :nonono:

    But, I remain hopeful.... as well as secure in the thought that he should have everything well underway before I can afford to comit to one. :p
  8. Your right from the pics I've seen it is gonna be a nice piece. It would be sweet to build one out of a new virgin block though, be it Aluminum or Steel.
  9. So if I have a 70 coupe, would this be compatible?