'69 Front Floor Support Install

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  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm working on installing new floor supports on my '69 sportsroof. I installed a complete dynacorn floor pan assembly which came with floor supports already welded on but, I cut them off because I thought they were in the wrong place. At the very least they were not parallel to each other. And so I have a new pair of floor supports held in place with self tapping screws at the moment in what I think is the right location. They are currently 30" apart center to center and centered between the rockers at the front of the support and rear of the supports. The dynacorn floor tends to narrow towards the front for whatever reason.

    I realize that the floor support location side to side is relatively important considering they will dictate your front frame rail location and thus your wheel alignment. Can you guys give me any advice or ideas on how I can ensure I have the floor supports in just the right spot?

    I'll try to post a picture soon of what I'm trying to describe.
  2. The width between the floor supports, inside face to inside face is 27 1/2 inches . _MG_4757.JPG
    From the outside edge of the rocker lip is 11 inches to the face of the floor support . _MG_4755.JPG
    both sides measure the same .
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  3. Thank you for checking on that for me. My measurements seem to be about the same as yours, though my rockers seem to be about a half inch wider than yours for whatever reason.

    I feel like I am worrying too much about getting these supports in just the right place. As long as I do the best I can with a tape measure, that should be good enough, huh?
  4. I think as long as you have equal spacing on each side you will be fine .you do not want to be any less than 11 inches at the out side or the torque boxes will not go in
  5. Thanks for all your help Jim. I really appreciate it.