'69 Front Frame Rail Installation

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  1. I am cutting/drilling my new motor mount pieces off of my shock towers to change the angle of them (the top of my shock towers are too wide).

    Jim (sorry to keep bothering you)- would you be willing to take a few measurements to help locate these pieces front to back, along the frame rail, when I weld them back on?
  2. I will be busy this morning but maybe around noon i can get the measurements.I will get the in between the towers measurement also
  3. Got some measurements . From the front cross member inside ,to the back upper A arm bolt hole center is 25 inches exactly . _MG_4668.JPG _MG_4669.JPG from the top of the towers you will see a flat spot, this runs all the way to the bottom of the tower ,it is where the motor mount bracket is spot welded to the tower .It is the same as the distance between the upper A arm rear bolt holes tower to tower 27 1/2 inches .the best way here would be to cut a piece of pipe to fit between the towers at the rear A arm bolt holes and run a long piece of all thread through bolted on the outside of the towers ,or thread the pipe on the ends and bolt it ,this will keep the towers the correct distance apart. _MG_4662.JPG _MG_4666.JPG
    This camera is driving me nuts :nonono: the focus just doesn't want to work. I hope you can make the pics out
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  4. Hey Jim, thanks, this is great. I really appreciate you taking the time to gather these. The all thread is a good idea.

    For the 25 inch measurement, is the tip of your tape measure even with the top of the frame rail?
  5. Yes it is,the tip is touching the inside of the front cross member, the 25 inch measurement is the center of the back A arm bolt hole. You may need a square to locate the center of the back hole . I figured the measurements need to come from the bolt holes to keep both sides the exact same .
  6. Cool, thanks Jim.

    have you ever had problems with the fitment of the dynacorn engine mount brackets?
  7. Only on the prewelded towers ,and then it was a 65-66.They welded the lower control arm bracket in the wrong angle and it would not set right on the frame .I had to drill it loose and reweld it.
  8. For that angle, should I just make sure that the bracket is at a 90 degree angle with the frame rail?