69 Grande: To Buy Or Not To Buy??

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  1. Any help on identify possible problem areas w/buying 69 Grande? Fm my initial inspection, car will need a lot of work, but looks solid. Has non-ac 351C, holley 750 dbl pmpr, offy alum intake, headers, duals, auto trans,146k on body, less on non-stock motor, ok interior, repaint (fm maroon to black), a few loose wires in engine comp, added gauges, etc. Located in central NJ. Been sitting a few years, but covered. Any help, greatly appreciated.
    Thks - Brian
  2. asking price ? pics?
  3. Does it run?
  4. I bought my first Mustang when I was 15... a 69 Grande!!
  5. yes. Once we got it started (had to jump it) and warmed it up, I thought it ran pretty good.
  6. He's asking $8k. I have pics, but they are saved on an email in my Hotmail account and don't know how to transfer here (im a dummy). Do u have a email account I can send to?
    Txs -Brian G
  7. Looks pretty clean and straight.