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Discussion in 'Classic Mustangs For Sale' started by 69gt4speed, Jul 17, 2010.

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  1. I am putting my 69 gt mustang up for sale. Very reasonable price. I have had the car since 1974 most the time parked in a garage and driven very little in the winter. Probably for a midwest car one of the best bodys around. It now has a 69 428 cj .030 c block w trw forged pistons, the cj rods and the reg 428 cj heads w s.s. valves and a 220 deg @ .050 hyd cam. Stock 428 ci manifolds, ps. drum brakes. 3.50 trac lock. Right now it has a c6 w a 3k stall. I also have the original toploader for it a close ratio w 13/8 input shaft. It has a hurst shifter and all the stuff to switch it back if you want.

    The strange thing about this car it has no side scoops and usually only a boss 302 had that. There is no plastic there I gurantee it. Paint has been been stripped 2 times. The vin is 9fo2s187004 so one time had a 390 gt engine. I also have a extra 3.5 third member w a lok right setup. Also some brand new fpa tri y ceramic hdrs for the car. It does need again new paint and a few suspension parts. The interior was mostly finished w gt 500 parts. Boss 429 hood scoop and spoiler and the factory window slats. I'm getting too old to mess w it and just want someone to do this car right. My wife wants a new stang.

    http://photos.imageevent.com/69gt4speed/1969gt4speedstang/websize/69 in 82.jpg
    A lil video, as you see it runs fine.
    YouTube - 69 428 cj burnout
  2. If you would do it right 6k. The toploader and all the extras goes w it. Those fpa hdrs cost 700. I've had this car since college.
  3. You want 6k for it? Let me see if I can find a way for someone to go look at it. Does it have any problems? Rusting?
  4. is the car still for sale?? very interested.
  5. Yes so far it is. I wanted to put up another video as ppl are asking does it run... Then they can see me start it and move it. Unfortunately I tried to push the boys 3rd gen camaro and have to get a friend to help me. So I moved it some but I wanted one going down the street also. I have more pics also and as I have said it is the only 69 s code toploader in the world I know of w no side scoops for whatever that is worth. Experts shake their heads over this car. Way it was made I guess, way I got it and I'm 2nd owner. I had a couple of mustang club presidents come over when we were stripping and painting it before so they could see how it was made. Was never cut out is our guess.

    A small video of me moving it. You can see it does have a c6 and a stall converter. Sounds good too lot different than the 03.
  6. if you still have the mustang can you please email me with your contact details.thanks javed
    [email protected]
  7. Sent you a pm,
  8. Sorry Guys it is sold. Going to Scotland.
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