69 Mustangs. What engine did they come with ?

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  1. One of my good friends, smittin by Esmeralda's good looks, just traded a car for a 69 Mustang. I have not seen it yet, but he tells me its a fastback, and he's trying to figure what type of engine is in it. What do the 69's bring ? He also told me that the car is a automactic. So he was wondering about the tranny as well. I told him I would see what the "In the know" guys could come up with.

    Strange though...he told me the intake says Edelbrock 289..maybe its been swaped ? Well I guess I will know more when I see it, but I am interested in what actually came with the 69's. I know the Boss came out, and the Mach1 ?
  2. I'm no expert, but I think you could get just about everything in the 69 fastback. I6, 289, 302, Boss302, 351, 390, 429. I'm sure I left something out.

    Get the VIN code, someone will decode it for you.
  3. A 2bbl 302 was available in 69 and I bet somebody just slapped a Performer289 intaker on a 302.
  4. I6, 302, boss 302, 351w, 351c, 390, 428, and boss 429 engines were available. As for automatic trannies, the C4, FMX, and the C6. Chances its a 302 with a performer 289 intake as said above backed by a c4. Could be a 289 swap but doubtful.The VIN will let us know.
  5. The 351C didn't come along until 1970. Otherwise, agreed.
  6. the engine line up for the 69 mustang NOT including the boss mustangs as they were available as a complete package only, are;

    200 inline six
    250 inline six
    302 V8 2bbl carb
    351w V8 2bbl carb
    351w V8 4bbl carb
    390 V8 4bbl carb
    428 V8 4bbl carb

    the boss mustangs were obviously;
    boss 302
    boss 429

    there was NO 351c available in 1969, as it did not come out untill 1970.
  7. You can break the 428 down even farther. Cobra Jet and Super Cobra Jet. Same block but different rods, cranks, pistons (I think) and were balanced different.
  8. for DETAILED info on this particular car, send the vin# and proof of ownership, and a fee, to...


    they will send you the ORIGINAL invoice for the car.:nice:
  9. now, I might be wrong..... but I've read where late 69s came with the 351C and not the 351W or that the 351C could be ordered in late 69. Dunno. The guy I bought mine from work with Ford back in the 60s and 70 (did cyclinder work and helped develop the SOHC 427 head) and he told me that my 69 originally came witha 351C.
  10. I've read several statements from what I would call "Mustang experts" that say there were not any 351c's in 69. I think the most recent was in Mustang Monthly from the President of NPD, he said he had never seen a documented example.

    At the same, apparently lots of undocumented stuff happened at the factories all the time. So I can see were a few late 69s might have received it. Will we ever know "teh truth"?
  11. Probably not. hehe.
  12. i was told by Kevin Marti himself that there were no 351 C's in 1969. he has all of ford's invoices for 67-up including the engine plant shipping invoices and the assembly plant order invoices and he told me that the 351c does not show up on any of them for the 69 model year. there are documented cases of 351 c's being installed in 69's as warranty replacement engines but that's it.
  13. Since the 351w was also available in 1970, one would be safer to guess that the Cleveland was probably not immediately available for the 1970 models.

    I have never seen a Cleveland that belonged in a 1969 model, and I have looked at a lot.
  14. a 351 c wolud be a good one for the 69 .