Progress Thread 69 Sheet Metal Repair

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  1. i can buy half a sheet of 18 gauge for what Home Depot or Lows wants for a 2 foot by 2 foot piece of 18 gauge .check your local phone book for welding supplies.
  2. Found some mild steel, not cold rolled, but I think that's whoat most panels are made of.

  3. mild steel is perfect
  4. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg I have formed the patch that will cover the inner cowl and inner frame rail. I have dry fitted the forward rocker panel extension and torque box. The floor pans are out for epoxy primer and I should have them back shortly.
    I have ordered a firewall extension and from the picture it looks like it will work. I discovered that there are several varieties.
    Next is the fitment of the toe board, which from my initial trial fit, will need some modification.
  5. that should look great when all welded in .with every thing pre fit it shouldn't take long to weld in. the torque box hides most or the patch. toe boards are usualy over sized for trimming . is that a home depot air chisel .i have been thinking of tring one, my lowes chisel just quit .i just bought one of the 90 degree grinders from Home Depot and it is so quiet it doesnt even sound like it works but it does.
  6. Thanks I'm doing my best. That is a Home Depot short stroke air chisel. It works great and was very inexpensive. The make a long stroke model too although I'm not sure of the advantage.
  7. i would think you could control the shorter stroke a little easier than a long stroke. my Lowes chisel just stopped working, it didn't work all that great in the first place .i will have to give that one a try.
  8. Is your new grinder pneumatic or electric?
  9. pneumatic. it's almost like it has a silencer it is so quiet.
  10. I have some small pieces of sheet metal that I need to prime prior to welding. Can anyone recommend an airesol epoxy primer that will work.
  11. i use rust olium red oxide. you will have to clean the edge before welding because it doesn't weld easily but it bonds to the metal real well and doesn't rust.
    i have noticed that weld through will rust after a while.
  12. Not all sheet metal is created equal. I needed a firewall patch pane for my 69. I had pictures sent from several vendors, including NPD, which is my vendor of choice . Primarily because it right up the road. Most weren't even close. I mean off to the point where you would have been better off starting off with a piece of flat sheet steel. Then I discovered on from Nolan's Mustang Barn. It fit perfect, had to bend one flange, and trim off a half inch.
    So lesson learned. It pays to shop around. image.jpg
  13. looks like a nice fit . did you get any panels welded ?
  14. Not yet I am ready, but have to depend on others schedule. Hopefully in the next two weeks. I will,post when I get them done.
  15. image.jpg image.jpg While sanding the interior for paint I Found this crack. It is on the right side just forward of the wheel house. From the bottom it appears to be just outboard of the front spring perch. No rust just a crack. Thinking of just running a bead of weld . What are your thoughts?
  16. Or just maybe just a scab patch
  17. just a crack, i would weld it
  18. That's what I was thinking and hoping.
  19. This is my last repair, I hope, on the passenger side before welding. I discovered rust under the rear seat and ordered the repair panel which I have cutdown to repair the flat area under the seat. The problem is the rust continues into the trunk floor transition I can Handel th flat area but the compound curve shown at the tip od the snips is posing a problem. A repair panel is an expensive option to snip out just one small piece for a patch. Any ideas will be appreciated. image.jpg
  20. for some reason the pic will not enlarge .is it in a corner ?