Progress Thread 69 Sheet Metal Repair

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  1. The toe boards never are .I just trim them as close as needed and they usually will fit ,with a bit of persuasion .The outer flange to the rocker is upside down and i have to bend them the correct way, but if you have torque boxes that lip trims off any way.
  2. Are the brackets available that the plastic interior rear quarters screw into. I can't seem to find them at my normal vendors.
  3. Yes i just saw them on the Dynacorn site ,they are the same 65-70 they come with some other bracket so i don't think you can buy them by them selves .I can't remember what the other bracket was but it may have been the floor bracket for the rear seat?
  4. That trim mounting kit is a 22 piece kit ,looks like that is the only way they sell the seat panel brackets .The kit mounts all the interior pieces .
    Part # 69FBBRKT 22 pce kit. you will have to find a dealer that deals in Dynacorn parts
  5. Thanks. That seems the way to go.
  6. I appears that the upper rear torque box cover is about 2 inches to narrow. It is out of place in the picture to show length difference. Is this a piece that needs to be modified or is a wider one available? image.jpg
  7. Or is the part outboard of the cover n the photo not included in the cover part.
  8. Do you have the bottom of the box out also? i will look at my 69 something doesnt look right
  9. It was me :nonono: i screwed up . out of all the extra pieces i have ,i have one set of convertible and that is what i sent :dammit:.The correct one is on its way .
  10. Thanks a lot. I will ship the convertible one back
  11. Dont worry about that just keep it .got the other one boxed up . i found another set of convert torque box tops so i wont need it. just feel dumb that i didn't catch it . Puts on dunce pointy hat one more time and and sets in the corner :ack:
  12. All of my sheet metal work is complete, floor pans, toe boards, torque boxes, rocker extensions, and firewall repair. Just took me 8 months including learning how to weld. (I know Horse and Rusty could have done it in a couple of days but I think they have done it once or twice.

    Now I want to under coat the new sheet meta, and am looking for recommendations, keep in mind my car is on jack stands and I have to do everything on my back. Looking for a spray can application.
  13. Going to be messy ,wear a hat :rlaugh:. I would primer very well first with a good enamel or epoxy ,you can get an epoxy in a spray can .Seal any joints underside so moisture can't get between any panels. Use a rubberized undercoat ,other types get brittle and crack after a while .
    Just think how fast you will be able to do your next mustang :cheers:
  14. I don't think ahead very often but in this case I had all of the sheet metal epoxy primed before I installed it . I am sealing with 3M sealer as advised at 27 dollars a tube it's a bit pricey but I am very satisfied with its performance. My only complaint is that it nearly impossible to reseal a partial tube.
  15. I hear that, i usually stuff something in the end of the tube that fits tight ,but even then it will only last a short time .
  16. I am getting ready to install my gas tank for the final time prior to paint. It is a new tank and I am wondering how it should be prepared. Primed, then installed then the bottom under coated and the top painted when the car is? Or?

    Also is there any thing that goes between the tank and the trunk structure rubber gasket etc? Or is it metal to metal.
  17. In addition should there be drain holes somewhere in the trunk drop downs, to let those wells drain?
  18. The gas tank is zink coated , they go in natural finish but you can under coat them .They used putty strips to seal between the tank and trunk floor,
    i use the black 3M strips . The trunk drop off should have a drain hole in the front corner as low as possible, the hole is 3/4 inch .
  19. The next time I see it it will be Calypso Coral.
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