6x9 rear speaker grille options for 65-66

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  1. Did a search and didn't turn up much in this forum so I figured I'd start a thread. I'm looking for rear deck options 6x9's that looks good and isn't very expensive. Post pics of it installed if possible. Right now I have no speakers and just a piece of black cardboard. Don't care about 3rd brake light. Found some at NPD, laurel mountain, mustangs unlimited. Would just like something simple and reasonably priced

  2. make a pattern on a piece of paper and transfer it the cardboard, punch it out with a leather hole punch, then glue some speaker cloth to the backside of the cardboard.
  3. best thing i ever did, make one!

    used some 1/8" -ish lite ply and by using the old cardborad tray, cut out a patern. depending on the speakers you use, it might be a tight fit between the speakers and the rear seat (mine were) . Ill take some pics and post em for ya!
  4. rear speaker package shelf

    for my 65 coupe i ordered a rear package shelf with 6x9 cut outs in it. the package shelf was wrapped in the medium blue. it matched the cars interior and i think it cost me 40$. best deal i think.